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Quirky soap opera at Wedding's Kieztheater

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With plenty of bite and self-mocking irony, Berlin's legendary theatre soap "Gutes Wedding schlechtes Wedding" parodies the city's inhabitants in all their diversity. From the latte-swilling Swabian from Prenzlauer Berg to the archetypal mullet-sporting Berliner, all the stereotypes are represented and experience the most bizarre adventure.

Even those with no prior knowledge will quickly get to grips with everyday life in the neighbourhood of this popular show, which has now been running for more than 60 episodes. As with most soap operas, each new episode begins with a brief summary of what's gone on before. Each of the episodes written by Constanze Behrends-Tautorat runs for around three weeks and then the audience finally finds out what happens to the characters from "Gutes Wedding schlechtes Wedding" in the next episode.

It is a good idea to book in advance or turn up early, as the Kieztheater in Wedding, founded in 2004, is now an insider's tip both in the district and beyond.


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