Museumsdorf Düppel

Museumsdorf Düppel

Village life as it was 800 years ago

– © Fördererkreis des Museumsdorf Düppel e.V., Stadtmuseum Berlin
Museumsdorf Düppel – © Fördererkreis des Museumsdorf Düppel e.V. Stadtmuseum Berlin

Set in approx. 12 hectares, Düppel museum village is a reconstructed medieval village complete with thatched cottages, store houses, craft workshops, paddocks and gardens. The dwellings supported by wooden posts are built on the foundations of a 13th century settlement. They were gradually constructed using techniques used back in the Middle Ages. The small Krummensee Slav settlement once stood on this site. Based on archaeological research, an association built the open air museum where you can experience life in a medieval village as it was around 800 years ago. Working groups show how crafts and agriculture were done at the time and then you can have a go.

Live like in the middle ages

Domestic animals bred back from extinction and long-forgotten commercially utilised plants are as much a part of the museum as the practice of traditional crafts. Düppel museum village is an internationally recognised centre for experimental archaeology in the heart of Berlin carrying out research into the way of life in a medieval village: the three-field system is operated here, ancient wild and cultivated plants are grown and domestic animals, such as the Düppel pig, protected and bred back from extinction.

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Guided tours of the village are offered on Sundays. On market days and at medieval festivals things get even more lively, with a chance to experience everyday medieval life up close. There’s also information about the crops of bygone times.

For children there are medieval games like stick throwing and there are special events throughout the year, from bird watching to medieval shows with knights and troubadours. On Sundays, there are tours of the village. On market days and medieval festivals it’s even livelier: then you can get to know the medieval life first-hand.


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Clauertstraße 11
14163 Berlin Zehlendorf
Tel.: 030 – 24002162
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To: Clauertstraße 11
14163 Berlin

Admission 3.00 €, reduced 1.50 €

May - OctSun10am - 5pm
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Village life as it was 800 years ago

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