Museum in der Kulturbrauerei

Museum in der Kulturbrauerei

Everyday Life in the GDR

Mit ihrer Boutique "Josefine" betrieb Josefine Edle von Krepl das einzige private Modegeschäft der DDR. – © Stiftung Haus der Geschichte/Axel Thünker
Blick in die neue Dauerausstellung des Museums in der Kulturbrauerei – © Stiftung Haus der Geschichte/Axel Thünker
Improvisation in der Mangelwirtschaft: selbst gebauter Ventilator mit Tee-Ei – © Stiftung Haus der Geschichte/Axel Thünker
Museum in der Kulturbrauerei – © Stiftung Haus der Geschichte/Axel Thünker

The Museum in der Kulturbrauerei opened in November 2013 on the expansive grounds of the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg with the permanent exhibition “Alltag in der DDR” (Everyday Life in the GDR). Exhibits, documents, film and audio recordings are displayed over 600 square metres, all addressing the subject of the cultural history of the GDR.

The omnipresence of the GDR political system is tangible in the everyday lives of normal people. A tent on the roof of a Trabant becomes a symbol of longing due the lack of opportunities for travel. The lodge exhibited in the museum as a holiday home for GDR citizens implies the possibility of a private retreat. Typical everyday products from the GDR can also be found here, as can examples of fashion from clothing collections from the era. Design pieces from the Industrial Design Collection, which was established in the industrial complex during the GDR era, will also be on show in the future.

Various temporary exhibitions and events on the subject of the GDR are also planned for the future.


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