Berlin's 'Unterwelten' Museum

Berlin's 'Unterwelten' Museum

Berlin’s ‘Underworld’ exposed

Tour 96 – © Berliner Unterwelten, Frieder Salm

Below street level, Berlin is riddled with holes like Swiss cheese! A former bunker located at the U-Bahn station Gesundbrunnen offers plenty of information about all the various tunnel systems and subterranean walkways underneath the city on four floors. The exhibition at Berliner Unterwelten e.V. informs about the history and development of the city from a subterranean viewpoint - the bunker systems in Berlin’s subway system, recovered bombs and ammunition stores, and also Berlin’s pneumatic post system, breweries and blind tunnels.

Berliner Unterwelten e.V. offers highly informative guided museum tours on the topics ‘Dark Worlds’ (Dunkle Welten), ‘From Flak Tower to Rubble’ (Vom Flakturm zum Trümmerberg), ‘U-Bahn, Bunker and Cold War’ (U-Bahn, Bunker und Kalter Krieg) and ‘Breaking the Wall’ (Mauerdurchbrüche) with unusual insights into Berlin’s ‘underworld’. Visitors will experience bunker systems from World War II and the Cold War Era depending on tour.

Special family tour

Underground passages, tunnels and spaces, the smell of mystery and adventure, and, of course, interesting for children and adolescents. Nevertheless, Berlin Underworlds recommends that children be at least 8 years of age, but points out that some of the content may be suitable only for older children, i.e. teenagers, because a certain amount of knowledge about Nazism and World War II will help guests understand the tour. Please consider whether your children can handle the issues that may be raised; the atmosphere underground is also closed in and may be perceived as claustrophobic which some children (and adults) may find overwhelming.

Nevertheless, there is a special tour for families with children ages 4 to 11 through "mother-child bunker", a bunker in the former gasometer in the Kreuzberg's Fichtestraße which served as a bomb shelter for 6,500 mothers with small children during the Second World War. On the tour, your family will learn that it wasn't all about bombs, but that everyday life continued down under and even games were played. Children should be equipped with a torch/flashlight and warm clothing for this tour, because this bunker is both dark and cold.

Infos for school classes

Whether through bunkers, flak towers or dark and murky U-Bahn shafts – there are various tours for school classes to discover the Berlin underground world. Group prices are available on individual request. Reservation is necessary.


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