Brücke Museum

At the Grunewald’s edge, the carryings-on are tranquil. Single-family homes and villas define the landscape in the small side streets; to the forest...


Silent movie concerts

Frightened she opens her eyes widely; a shadow appears out of the dark, along with it, the thundering piano tones! In suspense, I follow what’s...


Pure nostalgia at "Mädchen ohne...

The name of this nostalgic-looking restaurant in Körtestraße, "Mädchen ohne Abitur" (girls without A-levels), refers to the touching history of the...

Highlights 2014

What's going on in Berlin in 2014? Here's a preview of Berlin's most exciting events.

Berlin‘s biggest show

Experience glamour and unique theatre moments with more than 100 artists on the biggest theatre stage in the world. Suitable for non-German speaking guests.

Hinterm Horizont

On the very spot where the wall once divided Germany you can experience the musical about the girl from East Berlin with great hits by Udo Lindenberg.


Discover a new dimension of live entertainment with the Blue Men: multimedia, surprising, innovative. Unique in Europe. Only in Berlin.

Dance of the Vampires

Songs that rage between pop-rock and soul and touching lyrics that complete the music to a whole carry you away into the world of immortality.


A new drama will conquer Berlin in fall 2013: GEFÄHRTEN. Life-size horse puppets that are brought to life on stage are the highlight of this fascinating theatre event...

Located directly on the water, this romantic, relaxed and comfortable restaurant is decorated with wooden furniture, old lamps and ornate picture frames. Simply put, Freischwimmer is a cool location in Kreuzberg’s Flutgraben area. The restaurant is in a very old building that was once used for renting and repairing boats. The entrance is directly next to Berlin’s oldest gas station. You can sit outdoors during the summer and indoors during the winter.