Taxis in Berlin

Taxis in Berlin

Taxi Berlin: the regulation short distance and Taxi numbers.

Taxi – Foto: Taxi_ist_da © Rainer Sturm

Here you will find some useful information as well as the most important tips on travelling in Berlin by taxi.

Berlin Taxi telephone numbers

You can reach a taxi service under any of the telephone numbers listed below:

    • Taxi Berlin: +49 30 – 20 20 20
    • Würfelfunk: +49 30 – 21 01 01
    • TaxiFunk Berlin: +49 30 – 44 33 22
    • Quality Taxi: +49 30 – 26 300 0
    • City-Funk Berlin: +49 30 – 21 02 02
    • Funk Taxi Berlin: +49 30 – 26 10 26
    • Talixo: +49 30 – 346 497 360 or online
    • EcoTaxi: +49 30 – 210 10 20

    When you’re out and about, you can also wave down any free taxi passing. Free taxis are distinguished by the bright taxi plate on the roof of the vehicle. Taxi ranks, where taxis wait for a fare or a direct phone call via a Rufsäule (dedicated call point), are distributed everywhere in the city.

    From and to the airport in Berlin

    There are also taxi ranks at all main railway stations and airports. You can actually choose from most of the taxis waiting there – you don’t necessarily have to take the taxi at the head of the queue!

    Tip: At the Berlin airports you should pay particular attention and only take a taxi from one of the taxi ranks indicated, to avoid the possibility of getting tricked by a false taxi driver. Genuine taxis can also be recognised by their Berlin number plates plus the concession number located on the rear window. A word of warning here: concession numbers higher than 8,000 do not exist in Berlin!

    Tariffs for a taxi ride in Berlin

    Waiting in traffic should not have any effect on the taxi fare, as the taximeter only calculates the time-based charge on the basis of a 2-minute delay. The basis fare is €3.90, while the kilometre fare is €2.00 per kilometre for the first 7 kilometres, and €1.50 for each kilometre above that. This information should allow you to work out the full fare quite accurately before you set off.

    The website of the Taxi-Portal Berlin has an online tariff calculator (in German) for you to work out the approximate fare. Extra charges are applicable in large taxi cabs or if you have bulky luggage with you.

    Paying in the taxi

    Whenever possible when travelling by taxi, you should always have small denomination banknotes on you, because taxi drivers are not obligated to drive around with large amounts of change. Paying by credit or EC card should be possible in all taxis since June 2015.

    Receipt for your taxi ride

    You should always request a receipt. This is important for the unfortunate case that you leave something behind in the taxi. By this means, it is possible to trace the taxi that you travelled in. In addition, the receipt is proof of payment in the event of any disagreement regarding the fare. The receipt must include the following information:

      • Address of taxi company
      • Concession number (usually pre-punched, the number must match the number on the lower right side of the rear window)
      • Fare
      • Date
      • Route
      • Signature

      Regulation short distance

      If you only want to travel a short distance, you can wave down a passing taxi in Berlin directly on the street. The fare for this so-called regulation short distance is €5.00 for a distance of 2 kilometres. Please don’t forget to mention to the taxi driver as soon as you get in the taxi that you only want to go this short distance. This regulation short distance tariff is only possible with taxis you wave down on the street and only for a distance of 2 kilometres without stopping.

      More detailed information on taxi services is available at the Taxiverband Berlin, Brandenburg e.V.