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Marzahn-Hellersdorf - Gärten der Welt – © visitBerlin
degewo Skywalk – © Foto: Cathrin Bach

The character of the district is defined by its contrasting architecture. Here, you'll find modern, multi-faceted buildings alongside unexpected treasures such as listed historical buildings from the 19th century. Examples of this include the Gründerzeit Museum, Biesdorf Palace and the villages of Marzahn and Kaulsdorf. There's also an incredible wealth of green spaces such as Wuhletal valley, the longest green corridor in Berlin. This district is set apart with its extensive green space, including the Wuhletal, the longest green corridor in Berlin, and the Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World) park. The latter will host IGA Berlin in 2017, an exhibition on gardening, urban green space and culture surrounded by one of the largest pre-fabricated housing estates in all of Europe. More information...

Highly recommended

  • Travel around the world in 80 minutes – at the Gardens of the World.
  • Visit the Gründerzeit Museum in Mahlsdorf Manor House.
  • On a Sunday afternoon, view the last original apartment in a WBS-70 pre-fab high rise from the days of East Germany.
  • On the Alte Börse site set with impressive old trees, discover artists’ studios, a small artisan brewery, a cembalo workshop and much, much more.
  • Stroll through the old Alt-Marzahn village, set against a backdrop of highrise estates.

Discover Marzahn-Hellersdorf

Gardens of the World at the recreation park in Marzahn
Eight international show gardens set in 21 hectares for visitors to explore: gardens from China, Japan, Korea, Bali, the Orient, the Karl-Foerster herbaceous garden, the Italianate Renaissance garden and a number of themed gardens. The labyrinth and hedged gardens are especially popular with children. An Oriental Christian garden will open in summer 2010.

Gründerzeit Museum in Mahlsdorf manor house
The Gründerzeit Museum in Mahlsdorf manor house is furnished almost entirely in the neo-Renaissance style and was once part of the private Gründerzeit collection of Lothar Berfelde, also known as 'Charlotte von Mahlsdorf'. She became well-known for her unusual life even outside Europe through book, film and theatre productions. The collection of music machines is particularly impressive.

Alte Börse Marzahn
Art and Beer in a Former Animal Auction Barn. The district is also home to the Alte Börse Marzahn, which opened the doors of its current incarnation in 2013. Artists work on the extensive grounds of the former livestock sale barn, filled with numerous brick structures and old trees. Just twenty minutes by bike from the trendy district of Friedrichshain, Alte Börse Marzahn brings art and culture to the people who live in this district.

Old Marzahn with its trestle windmill
The village of Marzahn with its farmhouses stands unchanged amidst the high-rise tower blocks. The best way to learn about the district's agricultural history is by visiting the Vom Korn zum Brot (from corn to bread) trail. This has an educational grain garden, an exhibition of farming machines, an animal farm, the district museum and cultural attractions. However, the highlight is without doubt the fully functional trestle windmill.

Skywalk Marzahn - What a view!
Since the end of September 2015 Marzahn presents the new viewing platform called Skywalk. It was built on the rooftop of an apartment tower in the center of Marzahn-Hellersdorf and is open for visitors.

Wuhletal valley trail
The well-signposted trail (16km) is a true paradise for keen walkers, cyclists and joggers. Along the marked trail there are a number of parks, gardens and historical ensembles. You can enjoy stunning views of Berlin's city centre and the surrounding region from the hills (112 metres).

Schloss Biesdorf (Biesdorf Palace and Gardens)
Schloss Biesdorf is a late-classical villa that is recognisable from afar thanks to its distinctive octagonal tower. It was originally built in 1868 by Siemens family. Its extensive gardens with ancient trees, ice house and park stage are especially worth a stop.

Going Local: Berlin's Gardens of the World

The tour directions for the walk shown in the video can be found in the “Going Local” brochure available in the visitBerlin shop. Order yours today.

Going out, cultural scene

There are a number of restaurants, cafés and bars in the Helle Mitte centre and other places where you can relax. Two large cinemas with several screens, the trendy Kiste cinema, Galerie M, Knieriem cabaret theatre, the Pyramide exhibition centre and a number of other small venues feature large in the district's cultural life. The summer concerts on Biesdorf park stage are an annual highlight. There's also plenty of fun to be had at the Freizeitforum Marzahn entertainment centre with concerts, theatre, dance, bowling, indoor sports and swimming.

Sports/leisure activities

From city golf, bowling at the LeProm and a number of other venues, rock climbing on the Wuhletal valley trail, indoor and outdoor beach volleyball, sunbathing at the Kaulsdorf lakes or strolling in the district's 15 parks, on the five well-signposted trails or in the 'Gardens of the World', the area has a number of attractive wellness, sports and leisure facilities.


EASTGATE Berlin – stroll around more than 150 specialist stores across two floors with plenty of fashion boutiques, 1,600 metres of shop windows, numerous cafés and a food lounge. In 2009, the EASTGATE was voted Germany's best shopping centre with the friendliest service by the German Institute for Service Quality.

Neighbourhood Tips

  • The Ahrensfelder terraces were created from unrenovated eleven-storey pre-fabricated buildings. After partial demolition, they are now home to custom apartments, some with large roof terraces that have lent the neighbourhood a new appearance.
  • In the heart of Eichepark is the Wuhletalwächter a 17.5 metre-high artificial cliff made of some 550 concrete slabs that can be climbed around the clock using various routes of ascent.
  • The SchaMottchen ceramics workshop in Alt-Marzahn is open to visitors who come to observe fine ceramics being crafted for home and garden that are also available for sale.
  • The Parkfriedhof Marzahn is both a cemetery and a large green oasis in the city with various memorial groves to famous Berliners and a memorial to the Sinti and Roma, forced labourers and other victims of war, violence and fascism.
  • Party without limits at Czar Hagestolz. Marzahn’s first party club has just opened its doors on the grounds of the Alte Börse in Marzahn.

Other neighbourhood tips can be found in our free “Going Local Berlin” app. Download your copy today and check it out.

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Rock im Grünen
Annual Newcomer Festival in the castle and gardens of Biesdorf.

Marzahn harvest festival
September: public festival around the historical village green in Old Marzahn (agricultural produce, arts and crafts, parade)

kulturtour à la Carte
Enjoy of art and cultural diversity at 35 locations: musicians, artists and cultural groups present a cultural fireworks and a programme full of surprises.