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Colorful, fresh, recycled - Berlin fashion and design
Colorful, fresh, recycled - Berlin fashion and design © visitBerlin

Upcycling Deluxe

Concept Store

Everything from coffee bag hats to oil drum lamps - Upcycling Deluxe turns would-be trash into real designs!

Stylish, sustainable, and fair! Upcycling is the new magic word of the design scene and THE sustainable trend right now – with creativity and skill, supposedly useless things and would-be trash are turned into new and unique items. So unnecessary waste is avoided. The Upcycling Concept Store unites 50 designers and producers from around the world. Alongside German and European upcycling producers, there are many cooperatives and family businesses from South America, Africa, and Asia among the suppliers. Of course only fairly and sustainably produced products are sold. Recycling was yesterday – upcycle now!

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