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Strausberger Platz in Berlin with fountain at dusk
Strausberger Platz in Berlin with fountain at dusk © Getty Images, Bild: Lechatnoir

Tour 58 - By bike through Friedrichshain

Jump on your bike in front of the Hotel ibis Berlin Ostbahnhof and off you go!
Start from Schillingbrücke to the left and then turn right. You'll reach the most famous wall in Germany via Stralauer Platz and Mühlenstraße.

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery keeps writing history over a length of more than 1.3 kilometres with its open-air gallery of graffiti art. Cycle past the works of art created by 118 artists towards the Warschauer Strasse subway station. The headquarters of global players Universal Music, Coca Cola, and MTV Studios are located on the right-hand side of Stralauer Allee.


Turn left into Ehrenbergstraße and then right into Rudolfstraße. This will take you to the neighbourhood of the same name. The Rudolfkiez housing estate was built at the beginning of the 20th century when the light bulb factory was established. The light bulb factories were considered the industrial culture of the Wilhelminian period.

The Nische

At the end of the street you will pass the Nische - a construction and adventure playground from the Berlin City Mission. Children and young people in Berlin have more than 2500 m² of space to let off steam and get creative.
Turn left onto Modersohnstraße. Continue straight ahead over Modersohnbrücke bridge.
Insider tip: In the evening you can experience Berlin here with a beautiful sunset.

Laster – und Hängerburg

A little further along the road, you will see the alternative residential project Laster- und Hängerburg on the left-hand side. People live in converted oldtimers, trucks, trailers, circus wagons, and caravans here. Throughout the year there are also festivals, events, and workshops such as the open-air cinema from May to October. Dinner for up to 100 people is also cooked in the Volx kitchen every Wednesday. You are cordially invited here at cost price.

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Boxhagener Platz

Cycle along Gärtnerstraße and turn left into Grünbergerstraße. When you arrive at Boxhagener Platz, you can take a shopping break. The many boutiques offer a varied range. You'll find what you need here from "normal" to quirky products. There is also something culinary for every taste in this trendy quarter. Insider tip: The Burgeramt - one of the best burgers in the capital.

Intimes Kino

Leave Grünbergerstraße - and turn right into Gabriel-Max-Straße. At the end of the street turn right into Boxhagener Straße. Turn right again at the junction into Niederbarnimstraße. There you'll find the neon script "intimes Kino" on an external façade, the cinema founded in 1909. The name is due to the small size of 83 seats and the still preserved interior from the 70s. Current works, classics, as well as art-house and foreign-language films are shown here in a cosy atmosphere - on the screen.

Karl Marx Allee

Follow Niederbarnimstraße and turn left into Frankfurter Allee - one of the oldest traffic routes in Berlin. After a few metres, the imposing towers of the Frankfurt Gate rise into the sky and form the junction to today's Karl-Marx-Allee. In GDR times, this was converted into a 90-metre-wide boulevard. You will pass monumental buildings in the style of socialist classicism here. Some of them have as many as nine floors.


Continue straight ahead until you arrive at Strausberger Platz. This was a place for executions in medieval times. Almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, it was subsequently restored and was intended to contribute to the new splendour of Karl-Marx-Allee.

Nathan Simonsohn plaque

Cycle once around the roundabout - and turn right into Lichtenberger Straße. Follow the street to Singerstraße. Turn right there and after a short stretch immediately left again - into Lichtenberger Straße.
At house number 32 you will find the plaque for Nathan Simonsohn. The plaques, laid out all over the city, commemorate the victims of National Socialism.


Cycle along Lichtenberger Straße onto the parallel street of the same name. Turn right there and stay on the road until the second intersection with Holzmarktstraße. Cross the road here to the left.
Cycle past the former cult club 25 along Holzmarktstraße. Today, an entire village - the Holzmarkt (Wood Market Cooperative) - has been established on this site. The famous club Kater Blau is also on the grounds.
Stay on the road until you reach the Schillingbrücke home straight on the right. Cross the finish line at number 2.

Kindly supported by Hotel ibis Berlin Ostbahnhof.