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Müggelberge © visitBerlin, Foto: Verena Kneiske

Tour 57: Always follow the water

This bike tour starts at Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz, a lakeside hotel. Head north and cross the Oder-Spree canal. When the footpath meets up with Straße am Oder-Spree Kanal, continue straight and then onto Zu den Gosener Bergen after a slight bend in the road. Continue straight as the road is renamed Eichwalder Straße. Stay on it as turns to the right. If you'd like to take a break, Eiscafé Eichis-Backstube is on the right just before Köpenicker Straße. Otherwise, take a left onto Köpenicker Straße.

Gosen Church and playground

On the left, you will see the Gosen village church, which is a good place for a break. Take Köpenicker Straße until you can turn left onto Gosener Landstraße. This will take you over three canals: Großer Strom, Gosener Graben, and the Gosener Kanal. Continue for 100 metres, then take a sharp left into the car park, then a right again onto the Tabbertweg path. Stay on Tabbertweg, then take Winterweg as it merges into Gosener Damm. Enter the village of Müggelheim via the Gosener Damm.


Müggelheim has a lot to offer. First, you'll ride past the village green and the village church. Continue on Müggelheimer Damm long and then turn left just before leaving the village onto Ludwigshöheweg. Ride to the end of this street, then turn into the forest via Grünstadter Weg. Watch out! There's quite a steep cliff beyond the barrier. Please stay on the marked pavement. Pass the Müggelberge waterworks, dating back more than a century.

Tip: Müggelturm

At the first intersection, you can turn right for the opportunity to climb the stairs up to the Müggelturm tower. If you climb the 126 steps, you can enjoy a unique view that extends from Alexanderplatz to the Spreewald! If you continue straight ahead, you can turn left at the second crossroads, in the direction of Schmetterlingshorst.

Tip: Schmetterlingshorst

Schmetterlingshorst is a beautiful place to visit, which, in addition to a snack bar and a playground, offers a unique butterfly collection that will delight.
If you prefer to cool down, ride along the water on Am Langen See until you reach the Wendenschloss beach. Afterwards, ride along Möllhausenufer, following the road as it turns right onto Wendenschlossstraße. After two blocks, take a left onto Müggelbergallee, which will take you directly to the ferry port.


The ferry makes it easy to cross from the district of Grünau to Wendenschloss and back. Ferry line F12 was in operation even before the Second World War and is now operated by Berlin's transport company BVG.

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Tip: Grünau Regatta

After crossing the water by ferry, ride along Wassersportallee, then take a right onto Regattastraße. This will take you to the Grünau regatta course, the oldest sports facility in Berlin! Regatta competitions still place here in rowing, canoeing, etc.
If you feel like some cake and coffee, stop by the Bürgerhaus Grünau. Kaffee Liebig is also very nice and is just a few metres down. This is Berlin's only café to preserve its Art Nouveau decoration.

Tip: Grünau Beach

Not far away is Grünau beach. Ready to cool off? Then jump into the water here. Continue on Regattastraße to Sportpromenade. This is home to Richtershorn am See, a restaurant devoted to cowboy kitsch. This is also well worth a detour since you've almost covered the entire route!

Dahme Lakes Cycling Path

Take Sportpromenade to Vetschauer Allee, then take a left onto the Rohrwallallee. You will now be on the Dahme-Seen-Radweg. This cycling path runs a total of 123 km along the banks of the River Dahme and connects Berlin with numerous attractive destinations in the surrounding area. If you turn right, you will reach the Sielower Weg. From there, turn left onto Vetschauer Allee and then left again onto Adlergestell. Finally, turn left again into Wernersdorfer Straße, pass the campsite in front of the bridge, and on your left you will find where you started: Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz.

Kindly supported by the hotel Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz.