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Tour 5 - Divided city

The [1] Stasi Museum in Berlin-Lichtenberg offers an extensive exhibition about the pervasive spying in the East German dictatorship at the site of its former headquarters. From the museum, it’s only a few minutes to [2] Frankfurter Allee and [3] Karl- Marx-Allee, where you can admire monumental residential buildings, which were called the workers’ palaces of the GDR. From Frankfurter Tor, take the tram to the [4] Nordbahnhof. Here you can experience first-hand the division of the city and discover more about the dramatic events at the [5] Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Straße. In the afternoon, learn about everyday life in the GDR at the [6] DDR Museum. Then take a bus to [7] Checkpoint Charlie, one of Berlin's most famous border crossings. Visit the [8] Mauermuseum or go to the [9] Asisi Panorama “The Wall”. At night, you could see the [10] musical a “Hinterm Horizont” at Stage Theater on Potsdamer Platz . Berlin WelcomeCard - Order now!
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(6) DDR Museum € 6.00 € 4.50
(8) Mauermuseum € 12.50 € 9.38
(9) Schönhausen Palace € 10.00 € 7.50
(10) Hinterm Horizont* € 95.04 € 71.78

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