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Tiergarten - Summer
Tiergarten - Summer © visitBerlin, Foto: Maxi-Lena Schuleit

Tour 47 - A Cycling Tour through the green centre

This bicycle tour starts at the Steigenberger Hotel Berlin, Los-Angeles-Platz 1. From the front door of the hotel, ride to your right to the next corner and take a right onto Rankestraße. Ride for a long block until you come to Kurfürstendamm, where you'll take a left.


Just to the right you will see the striking Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, left in its ruined state as a memorial after World War II. Ride for a long block as the street curves to the left and take a right at the next corner onto Joachimsthaler Straße. Cross Kantstraße and Hardenbergstraße in short succession onto Hardenbergplatz, with the Zoo S-Bahn station to your left and the zoo to your right.

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Zoologischer Garten

The Berlin Zoological Garden is home to 17,000 animals representing nearly 1600 species, the most species in any zoo in the world. A visit to the zoo and its adjacent aquarium is always worthwhile. Continue riding to the end of Hardenbergplatz and continue onto a narrow path across the Landwehrkanal into the Großer Tiergarten park.

Großer Tiergarten

The Großer Tiergarten is the third largest urban park in Germany. It was laid out in the sixteenth century as a royal hunting grounds. After the Second World War, its trees were cut down to obtain firewood and garden space for the suffering people of Berlin. Replanting the park took until 1959. Today, the Tiergarten is a popular recreational area.

Insider Tip: Schleusenkrug

If you'd like to take a break, then the Schleusenkrug garden pub is a good place to grab a drink or a bite to eat. It's especially nice sitting in the shade here in the summer.


Cycle past the Schleusenkrug, cross two bridges and continue straight ahead for a while. You'll then come upon this open-air museum with 90 gas lanterns from 36 different European cities on display. Retrace your path and then take a left onto the Tiergartenufer.


To your right is the Landwehrkanal, built between 1845 and 1850 for shipping containers to bypass the Spree in the city centre. Continue riding along the canal until you can take a left onto Liechtensteinallee. In about 150 metres, you will come to the entrance of the Café am Neuen See.

Café am Neuen See

The Café am Neuen See is a popular café and beer garden. Especially in summer, it brings together Berliners of all stripes to relax in the shade and enjoy a cold drink. The café is famous for its delicious pizza. Continue riding back into the Tiergarten on Fasanenallee until you reach the roundabout called Großer Stern.

Großer Stern

Großer Stern is a busy roundabout in the middle of the Tiergarten. In the centre stands the famous Siegessäule (Victory Column).


The national monument celebrates the Prussian victories in the three nineteenth-century wars of unification which resulted in a unified Germany. At the top of the column is the golden Victoria, nicknamed "Goldelse" by the Berliners. Follow the roundabout to the second right and head east on Straße des 17. Juni.

Insider Tip: Siegessäule

For just €3, you can climb the 285 steps of the Siegessäule to enjoy a sensational panoramic view of the city.

Straße des 17. Juni

The Straße des 17. Juni got its name after the date of a popular uprising in East Germany on 17 June 1953. Ride for 1.5 km until see the Soviet War Memorial to your left. Ride behind the memorial into the northern side of the Tiergarten.

Insider Tip: Sowjetisches Ehrenmal

The Soviet War Memorial is a monument to the Soviet soldiers who fell during the liberation of Berlin. Behind the tanks, the statue and the row of columns is a military cemetery with 2,500 graves.

Platz der Republik

As you leave the Tiergarten, you come to Scheidemannstraße, where you'll take a right. On the left side you will see Platz der Republik, site of a 1948 protest against the Soviet blockade of Berlin with 300,000 participants. Now turn to your right where you'll see the Reichstag.


The Reichstag building with its distinctive dome by star architect Norman Foster is one of the most famous sights of Berlin. Visiting the dome is free, but requires prior registration and an ID. Ride past the Reichstag and take a right onto Ebertstraße.

The Brandenburg Gate

In a block, you will come to the Brandenburg Gate, once surrounded by the Berlin Wall, and a symbol of German division and unification. Continue riding along Ebertstraße for another block until you come to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The 19,000 m2 Holocaust Memorial commemorates the six million Jewish persons who were killed in the Holocaust. Lock your bike up and take some time to explore. Continue on Ebertstraße until you come to Potsdamer Platz.

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz was the busiest traffic circle in 1920s Europe. During the years of German division, the square was abandoned as it lay next to the Berlin Wall. Potsdamer Platz has been completely re-built after reunification. There are numerous options here for shopping and refreshments.

Insider Tip: Caffè et Gelato in the Arkaden

Perhaps the most delicious ice cream in town. It's worth waiting your turn in the usually long queue.

Potsdamer Straße

Take a right from Potsdamer Platz onto Potsdamer Straße. Potsdamer Straße has been undergoing a lot of change recently: many new galleries and shops have opened. Take a look into the shop windows and the interior courtyards, for example, at the former Tagesspiegel building. Ride along Potsdamer Straße for 1.7 km until you reach Kurfürstenstraße, where you will take a right. Stay on Kurfürstenstraße for another 1.6 km until you reach Nürnberger Straße.

Los Angeles-Platz

Turn left and stay on Nürnberger Straße for two long blocks, where you will turn right onto Augsburger Straße. Ride another block, take a right onto Marburger Straße to the corner of Los-Angeles-Platz. At No. 1, you've reached your destination.

With friendly support of the Steigenberger Hotel Berlin