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cyclists in the Volkspark Wilmersdorf
cyclists in the Volkspark Wilmersdorf visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Tour 43 - A Cycling Tour of Southern Berlin

This tour begins at the Exe Hotel Klee, Bundesallee 75. From the front of the hotel, head right and take a right at the corner onto Görrestraße. Ride for two blocks until you come to Südwestkorso, where you will take a left. At the next pedestrian crossing, cross to the other side of Südwestkorso and you will be standing in front of the Friedhof Stubenrauchstraße.

Friedhof Stubenrauchstraße

This cemetery has been dubbed the "artists' cemetery" as it is home to the graves of many artists who lived in the Wilmersdorf artists' colony. Marlene Dietrich and Helmut Newton were also buried here. Return back to Südwestkorso and head left.

Insider-Tipp: Café Vienna

Located at Südwestkorso 9 in the building to the right of the exit from the cemetery, you can enjoy a delightful breakfast, have some ice cream or relax with a good Italian coffee.


Continue cycling on Südwestkorso until you come to Bundesallee. Take a left and ride under the S-Bahn tracks. Straight ahead is Bundesplatz.


This square was laid out in 1875 and was originally named Straßburger Platz. After the death of Kaiser Wilhelm I, it was renamed Kaiserplatz. Since 1950, it has had its current name ("Federal Square"), reflecting Berlin's being a part of the Federal Republic of Germany. Ride through the square and continue riding straight ahead on Bundesallee.

Insider-Tipp: Restaurant und Biergarten Hugo

Take a break at Hugo (Bundesallee 161): there's plenty of delicious food and refreshing beverages available.

Tour map

Volkspark Wilmersdorf

In about two blocks, take a right into the Volkspark Wilmersdorf. This popular recreation area is 2.5 kilometres long, but only 150 metres across. Ride through the park, heading eastwards. Cross Princeregentenstraße and continue riding to the duck pond. Veer to the left until you come to Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße. Turn right. In about 500 metres, you will come upon the Rathaus Schöneberg on your left. Ride around to the east side of the building.

Rathaus Schöneberg

The Rathaus Schöneberg was built in 1914 and, during the division of Germany, was the seat of the governing mayor of West Berlin. The Freedom Bell has hung in its tower since 1950 and it is rung every day at 12 noon. This was also the site of President John F. Kennedy's famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech in June 1963. Ride to the northern side of the Rathaus and take a left onto Badensche Straße.


Stay on Badensche Straße for several blocks until the road merges into Berliner Straße, where you will continue to the left. In another couple of blocks, take a left onto Uhlandstraße. Follow the street as it curves to the right and intersects with Blissestraße. Take a left onto Blissestraße and cross under the highway and rail tracks until you come to Spessartstraße, where you will veer to the right.

Rüdesheimer Straße

Stay on Spessartstraße until it ends at Aßmannshauser Straße. Take a left and then cross at the next light and continue on Rüdesheimer Straße. In a block, you will see Rüdesheimer Platz on the left side of the street.

Rüdesheimer Platz

Rüdesheimer Platz was created in 1905 in an English country house style with small front gardens. In the park, you can admire the Siegfried fountain, built in 1911 by Emil Cauer Jr. Siegfried is seen with his stallion in the middle, flanked by figures of a wine queen and father Rhine. In summer, this is the site of the "Rüdesheimer Weinbrunnen" where winegrowers from the Rheingau sell their wines and everyone can bring a picnic lunch.

Insider-Tipp: Café Achteck

Also on Rüdesheimer Platz is a historic, octagonal outhouse, such as could only be found in Berlin. Previously just a public urinal for men, it is now open to people of both sexes. The Café Achteck is equipped with modern sanitary facilities.

Landauer Straße

Leave Rüdesheimer Platz on the far side and continue eastwards on Landauer Straße. After a long block, you will come to Adam-Kuchhoff-Platz, named after a German resistance fighter. Cross the square and continue straight ahead on to Wilhelmshöher Straße. After two long blocks, you will come to Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz. Take a left onto the footpath.


Ride a block to Görrestraße and veer to the right onto the main Bundesallee road. Turn left and at No. 75, you've reached your destination.