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The Botanischer Garten in Berlin in summer
The Botanischer Garten in summer visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Tour 42 - A Cycling Tour of Southern Berlin

This tour begins at the Exe Hotel Klee, Bundesallee 75. From the front of the hotel, head right and take a right at the corner onto Görrestraße. Then take an immediate left onto Taunusstraße. Ride for two blocks until you come to Südwestkorso and take a left.


Ride for just over a kilometre along Südwestkorso, past Breitenbachplatz and then take a left onto Englerallee. In about 500 metres, you will come to Gustav-Mahler-Platz on the left side of the street. This is an ideal place for a break, if you'd like one. Continue riding on Englerallee for two further blocks until you come to Königin-Luise-Platz. You are now in front of the Botanical Garden.

Botanischer Garten

This botanical garden is home to the largest collection of plants in Germany. It covers 43 hectares and is home to 22,000 species of plants, some of which are in the 6,000 m2 of greenhouses. The site is also the home to the Botanisches Museum (Botanical Museum).

Insider-Tipp: Landhaus im Botanischen Garten

This is a fine place for some food and drink surrounded by the colourful foliage of the botanical garden. In summer, you can also opt to sit on the terrace overlooking the lake.

Botanisches Museum

Unique in Central Europe, this botanical museum collects plants from all over the world and presents them to help visitors deepen their botanical knowledge. Numerous enlarged models show the fine structure of many plants. When you're ready to move on, continue east on Königin-Luise-Straße.


From the front of the botanical garden, ride to your right for three short blocks as the street curves onto Grunewaldstraße. At Grunewaldstraße 13, there is a memorial plaque to writer Franz Kafka, who wrote his 1923 novel "The Castle" here. Continue riding for several blocks until you come to the Rathaus Steglitz U-Bahn station.

Insider-Tipp: Schwartzsche Villa

As you make your way down Grunewaldstraße, stop at number 55 for a short break with some delicious food and refreshing drinks while viewing an exhibition put on by the Kulturhaus.

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Rathaus Steglitz

This government building for the Steglitz district dates back to 1897. The red brick building with its distinctive corner tower was built by architects Reinhardt and Süßenguth in a Gothic Revival style. Diagonally opposite is the Steglitzer Kreisel high-rise.

Steglitzer Kreisel

The Steglitzer Kreisel was completed in 1980. Until 2007, this 118-metre high building housed the government offices for the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district. The skyscraper is now empty and is undergoing a thorough asbestos removal. Continue north onto Schloßstraße.


Schloßstraße is the largest retail location in Berlin, offering 200,000 m² of retail space and is the main shopping street for Steglitz-Zehlendorf. You can do some extensive shopping here or just watch people for a while. Continue cycling straight ahead on Schloßstraße.

Insider-Tipp: Confiserie Reichert

If you have an appetite for fine pastries and delicious sweets, then you should stop at Schloßstraße 96. Confiserie Reichert has been an integral part of Berlin's coffee house culture since 1882.


In about a kilometre, take a left onto Bundesallee. Ride for another 700 metres until you come to Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz. At Bundesallee 75 on the far side of the square, you've reached your destination.