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people in a maedow in the Mauerpark
Mauerpark Berlin visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Tour 41 - A Cycling Tour of Berlin-Wedding

This tour kicks off at EigenArt Apartments Berlin, Neue Hochstraße 53. Take a right until you come to Liesenstraße, where you will make another right. You will then take an immediate right into Südpankepark.


The park takes its name from the Südpanke stream that flows through it. This is the southern end of the Panke that starts near Bernau and empties into the Spree near the Friedrichstraße station. Take a left at the first path inside the park and then an immediate right.

Schulzendorfer Straße

Ride through the park until you come to Schulzendorfer Straße. Cross the road and continue riding through the park. Follow the path and cross Schönwalderstraße, continuing onto the other side of the park.


In a few minutes, the path will come to Gerichtsstraße. Cross at the pedestrian crossing, take a quick left and then right back onto the path. In a little while, the path turns to the left where you will cross over the Panke. Continue along the path, under the tracks, until you come to Pankestraße.


Take a right over the bridge over the Panke, cross to the other side of the divided street and take a left onto the marked path. In a little while, you will come to Wiesenstraße. Cross Wiesenstraße and continue on the marked path. In a while, you will then cross Schönstedtstraße and likewise continue straight.

Insider-Tipp: Riverside Cafés

If you're riding through here in the afternoon, you might wish to take a break at either the Café am Ufer or at Café Uferlos. Both cafés are located on the other side of the Panke.

Wedding District Court

After crossing Schönstedtstraße, you will now be on Orthstraße. On your right is the Wedding District Court, a Neo-Gothic structure dating to 1906. You can take a break at the fountain in the square in front of the courthouse. When you're ready to move on, continue on Orthstraße.


Continue until you come to Thurneysserstraße, where you will take a quick left and then right onto Gropiusstraße. Ride for a long block along the Panke until you come to Badstraße. Since you cannot cross Badstraße at this point, take a left until you come to the traffic light, walk your bike across Badstraße and then ride back on the other side of Badstraße. Take a left back onto the path along the Panke.

Osloer Straße

Continue riding along the Panke until you come to Osloer Straße. Once again, you cannot cross this major street at this point. This time, take a right and then walk your bikes across the street at the next traffic light.


Take a left along Osloer Straße, cross the Panke and then take a right onto the Pankeweg path. Follow until you reach Soldinerstraße. At Soldinerstraße, take a right, walk your bike across at the crossing and then take an immediate left back onto the path. In a little while, you will come upon the Franzosenbecken.


The Franzosenbecken is a retention basin for the Panke, named after the nearby Französischer Friedhof. Today, this green space is part of a popular and green recreational area for local residents. Continue on the path.


Continue as the path curves to the left, over the Panke and then continue until you come to Kühnemannstraße. Take a right here, cross the Panke and then take a left onto Wilhelm-Kuhr-Straße. Cross the tracks and stay on this street for about a block until Am Bürgerpark curves off to the left.

Insider-Tipp: Mirabelle

Take a break at this cosy restaurant and café at the Bürgerpark, offering delicious breakfasts and food throughout the day.

Tour map


Ride along Am Bürgerpark until you see the Bürgerpark Pankow on the right. This 12-hectare park along the Panke was established in 1864 as a private country estate, but has been open to the public since 1907. Take a right and continue riding along the Panke, until you come to Schönholzer Straße, where you will take a right.


In about a block, take a right onto Wollankstraße. Ride for about 850 metres along Wollankstraße, cross under the S-Bahn tracks (which, by the way, had been completely bricked over during the years of German division). Take an immediate left onto Steegerstraße. Stay on this street for a long block as it curves to the right and becomes Grüntaler Straße. In about two blocks, you will be at Bornholmer Straße.

Bornholmer Straße

Take a left here and cross over the S-Bahn tracks on the Bösebrücke, which was a border crossing for pedestrians during the years of German division. It was also the first border crossing to open in November 8, 1989 as the Berlin Wall "fell". In another block, take a right onto Malmöer Straße.


Cycle straight on for four blocks, cross Schievelbeiner Straße, and continue for another block until you take a left onto Dänenstraße. In about two blocks, there is a small pedestrian bridge over the S-Bahn tracks to your right. Cross the tracks, veer to the left slightly and continue straight onto Sonnenburger Straße for a block until you come to Gleimstraße.


Take a right onto Gleimstraße. In a block, you will come to the Falkplatz park on the left-hand side. Ride across this park until you come to the Mauerpark. Turn left at the major path running through this park along the former no-man's land between the two sides of the Berlin Wall. In a few minutes, you will be at Bernauer Straße, where you will take a right.

Insider-Tipp: Mauerpark on Sunday

If you are in Mauerpark on a Sunday, you might want to check out the huge flea market and one of the world's largest karaoke events. Almost a must for your stay in Berlin.

Bernauer Straße

Bernauer Straße was divided by the Berlin Wall: houses on the East German side were bricked up while people jumped from the windows trying to escape to the west.

Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

This is the central memorial to German division, the Berlin Wall and its victims. The site includes the last remaining piece of the Berlin Wall in its original condition, a memorial and a museum. If you'd like to know more about the Berlin Wall, you should spend some time here. Stay on Bernauer Straße for about two kilometres, riding to the west.

Neue Hochstraße

Bernauer Straße eventually becomes Zinnowitzer Straße. Take a right onto Chauseestraße at the next corner. In about three blocks, take a right onto Liesenstraße. The road curves to the left onto Neue Hochstraße. At No. 53, you've reached your destination.