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Memorial Bernauer Straße
Memorial Bernauer Straße visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Tour 38 - Cycling Tour of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg

This tour starts at Platz vor dem neuen Tor 6 in front of the Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Head left and then take a right onto Invalidenstraße. Ride for a long block until you come to Chausseestraße, where you'll take a left. Take an immediate right at the next corner onto Zinnowitzer Straße. After riding three short blocks and crossing Gartenstraße, the street becomes Bernauer Straße.

Bernauer Straße

Stay on Bernauer Straße, riding to the east. This street gained notoriety during the years Germany was divided. The Berlin Wall ran down the middle of this street. As the Wall was being built, there were dramatic scenes along here as people jumped from windows in attempts to escape to West Berlin. The Berlin Wall Memorial is located at Bernauer Straße 111.

Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

This is the central memorial to German division, the Berlin Wall and its victims. Get off your bikes, lock them up and explore the memorial, including the remaining border facilities, the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre, the Chapel of Reconciliation, and the window of remembrance. Continue riding along Bernauer Straße for 1.2 kilometres until you come to the Mauerpark.


During the years of German division, the Berlin Wall ran through this park. The area was part of what was called "no-man's land", the area between the outside wall (facing West Berlin) and the interior wall (facing East Berlin) that was partially mined and equipped with machine guns trigged by motion detectors. The site has preserved a 300 metre stretch of the interior wall, with the rest of the area having become a popular recreational area.

Insider-Tipp: Mauerpark on Sunday

You might want to visit Mauerpark on a Sunday, when a giant flea market and a karaoke event with over 1,000 listeners takes over the park.

Schwedter Straße

Ride across the Mauerpark to its northern edge, cross Gleimstraße and continue onto Schwedter Strasse. In two short blocks, you come upon the Jugendfarm Moritzhof.

Jugendfarm Moritzhof

This is an inner-city farm for children, home to ponies, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, a goose and a farm cat. There's a lot to discover here: take the time to have some fun with your kids and the animals. Once you're done, retrace your steps back to Gleimstraße and take a right into the Gleimtunnel.

Tour map


The Gleimtunnel that passes under what used to be railyards. During the years of German division, the Gleimtunnel was impassable, but it now connects the Gesundbrunnen and Prenzlauer Berg districts. Ride through the tunnel and then take a left onto Swinemünder Straße.

Swinemünder Straße

Swinemünder Straße is another witness to Germany's years of division: it was split by the Berlin Wall. The northern part of the street to Bernauer Straße belonged to West Berlin and was completely redeveloped, while the area beyond was in East Berlin, where the older structures were retained. Ride along Swinemünder Straße and cross Bernauer Straße and stay on the street until you come on Zionskirchplatz.


The Zionskirche was built in 1873. During the Nazi period, opposition theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer worked here. From 1986, the church became a centre of the GDR opposition. The church can be toured in the summer months and the church tower can be climbed on Sundays. As you pass the Zionskirche, continue on Zionskirchstraße until you come to Teutoburger Platz in about three blocks.

Teutoburger Platz

This square was laid out in the nineteenth century and is now home to a large playground, where your kids can let off some steam. Leave the square on its southern edge, at the corner of Fehrbelliner Straße and Christinenstraße. Ride down Christinenstraße for two blocks until you come to Torstraße, where you will take a right.

Rosenthaler Platz

In two blocks, you will reach Rosenthaler Platz, nowadays a major intersection. Until the nineteenth century, this was the site of the Rosenthaler Tor city gate. This gate was one of the few gates in Berlin's old city walls through which Jews were allowed to enter the city. Continue riding along Torstraße for about a kilometre.

Platz vor dem neuen Tor

Cross Friedrichstraße and continue riding straight ahead onto Hannoversche Straße. Stay on Hannoversche Straße as it curves to the right. As it then veers to the left, continue riding straight onto Hessische Straße. Ride for another block until you come to Invalidenstraße, where you'll take a left. In three short blocks, take a left onto Platz vor dem neuen Tor. At No. 6, you've reached your destination.