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a cyclist on the Tempelhof Field
a cyclist on the Tempelhof Field visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Tour 35 - Cycling Tour of Kreuzberg and Neukölln

This tour starts at Happy Bed Hostel at Hallesches Ufer 30. From the front of the hostel, ride to the left to the next corner and take a right onto the bridge over the Landwehrkanal. You are now on Mehringdamm. Ride three long blocks until you come to Yorckstraße, where you will take a right.


Stay on Yorckstraße for three blocks as the road curves to the left until you come to Katzbachstraße. Take a left and ride one block to Kreuzbergstraße, where you'll take another left. On the right side of the street are the Kreuzberg hill and Viktoriapark.


The Kreuzberg is 66 metres high and therefore the highest "mountain" in the city centre. It is worthwhile to ride through Viktoriapark to the top of the Kreuzberg. At its top are a national monument by ubiquitous Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel and a sensational view over Berlin. The monument commemorates the victory in the wars of liberation against Napoleon. Retrace your route back to Kreuzbergstraße and take a right.

Insider-Tipp: Biergarten Golgatha

If you need a break at this point, you can enjoy food and drink on the sunny terrace or porch swing at this beer garden.


Stay on Kreuzbergstraße, cross the Mehringdamm and the road becomes Bergmannstraße. Bergmannstraße is a centre of commercial activity in Kreuzberg and, if you want to enjoy it properly, lock your bike up and set loose. A diverse, multicultural range of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants await discovery.

Insider-Tipp: Café und Kaffeerösterei Barcomi’s

You can enjoy delicious cakes and freshly roasted coffees here.


Once you're ready to hit the road again, ride until you can take a right onto Friesenstraße and ride uphill for about 500 metres until you come to Columbiadamm. Take a left and ride until you see an entrance to the former Tempelhof Airport on the left-hand side of the street.

Tour map

Tempelhof Airport

Tempelhof Airport was one of three airports serving the city until 2008. When it was inaugurated in 1923, the airport was one of the first commercial airports in Germany. The airport building was built in the 1930s and the airport became famous as the centre of the Berlin Airlift of 1948-1949. The former airfield is now being turned into a park named Tempelhofer Freiheit.

Tempelhofer Freiheit

This is definitely a unique space in which to take a spin around. Enjoy the chance to ride around the wide-open expanse of the former airfield. When ready to move on, return to the entrance on the Columbiadamm and take a right. Ride along the northern edge of the airport until you come to the Hasenheide, a park on the opposite side of the street.

Volkspark Hasenheide

The Hasenheide was created in 1678 as a rabbit warren. Today it is a popular green recreational area with a small zoo, lots of lawns, playgrounds, tables to play table tennis (pack your rackets and balls!) and much more. Once you've enjoyed your visit, cross the park and leave on its northern edge. Cross the busy Hasenheide street on the north side of the park onto Graefestraße.


Graefestraße is located in a popular residential and commercial area, with lots of different shops, cafés and restaurants. Walk your bike through the crowds and enjoy. Ride to Urbanstraße at the next corner.

Insider-Tipp: Italienisches Feinkostgeschäft Oliobiscotti

If you like Italian delicacies, you will love this shop full of delicious specialities from Puglia in southern Italy. Especially recommended: Olio Biscotti olive oil, made by the owners.


Turn left onto Urbanstraße and ride for about 1.2 kilometres until the road merges with Blücherstraße. In about two blocks you will see the red-brick Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche on the right. This neo-Gothic church dates from 1888 and, in addition to its use as a church, serves as the location for events of all kinds. Continue straight ahead. Insider-Tipp: Kirchencafé On the side of the church, you can take a nice break with homemade cakes, freshly brewed coffee and other treats. It is especially nice in the churchyard in summer.

Amerika Gedenkbibliothek

After you cross Zossener Straße, you will see the back of the Amerika Gedenkbibliothek, a large library donated to the people of Berlin by the Americans at the end of the Berlin Airlift. Continue riding to the Mehringdamm, the major road straight ahead.

Hallesches Ufer

Take a right onto the Mehringdamm, cross the Landwehrkanal and take an immediate left onto Hallesches Ufer. At No. 30, you've reached your destination.