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young man makes a bike tour
young man makes a bike tour Getty Images, Foto: PeopleImages

Tour 30 - Bicycle Tour along the Berlin Wall Trail

Tip: It is worth taking your swimming costume if you do this tour in the summer. This bicycle tour starts at Pension Sperlingshof at Sperlingshof 28 in 14624 Dallgow-Döberitz to the west of Berlin. From the front of the pension, turn left and ride along Sperlingshof as it curves around to run alongside the Hamburger Chaussee. Take the ramp straight ahead onto Hamburger Chausseet.

Nennhauser Damm

In 4.6 kilometres, you will cross the border between the states of Brandenburg and Berlin. The main road curves to the right, but you want to veer to the left (more or less straight ahead) onto Nennhauser Damm. Follow this road as it curves to the left. Once you go over the rail tracks, it will become Finkenkruger Weg. Stay on Finkenkruger Weg across another set of tracks until the road ends in a wood. Straight ahead is once again the border between Brandenburg and Berlin and where the Berlin Wall used to run. Follow the mared Berlin Wall Trail.

Falkenseer Chaussee

Ride along the Wall Trail. Cross the next street, Falkenseer Chaussee. Ride left and then an immediate right to continue on the Wall Trail. In about 500 metres, the trail joins up with Zwinglistraße. Continue riding straight until the road merges with Pestalozzistraße. Right right onto Pestalozzistraße. In about 200 metres, the Wall Trail leads off to the right into a wood.


Follow the Wall Trail for about 4.6 km. As you leave the wood, you will see the Eiskeller – a natural monument where it is up to 10° colder in the winter than in the inner city. During the division of Germany, Eiskeller was an enclave of West Berlin. The residents were only able to reach their homes by a corridor through East German territory. Today, only a few people live in Eiskeller.


Continue past the Eiskeller and follow the Wall Trail for another 1.3 km until you reach Schönwalder Allee. Then turn right. In about 300 metres, you will leave the road and ride past the Laßzinssee, a small quarry pond where you can take a swim.


Carry on along the Wall Trail through the Spandauer Forest for about 2 km to Oberjägerweg. To your right are the Großer and Kleiner Rohrpfuhl – two partially silted-up bodies of water that cover a combined area of 30.5 hectares.

Niederneuendorfer Allee

Cross Oberjägerweg, staying on the trail. In another kilometre, you will come to Niederneuendorfer Allee. Turn right and ride 200 metres until the Wall Trail goes off to the left.


Ride along the trail for about 400 miles. Take a left and you will now be on Uferpromenade. Ride along Uferpromenade on the banks of the Havel for about 3 kilometres until you come to Niederneuendorf.


Niederneuendorf is a district of Henningsdorf. During the division of Germany, this district was directly at the Wall. A former watchtower is located here, which now houses a Wall Documentation Centre. Continue along Uferpromenade.

Spandauer Allee

Stay on Uferpromenade until it merges onto Spandauer Allee. Cycle over the bridge and take a sharp right onto Walter-Kleinow-Ring back to Uferpromenade to your right. Stay on Uferpromenade for another 3 kilometres until you come to Hafenstraße. Then turn right.


Follow Hafenstraße for about 350 metres until you come to Ruppiner Straße. Then turn right and in 100 metres take a left onto the Wall Trail back into the forest. Tip: If you need a break from cycling, you could get on the S-Bahn at the Heiligensee S-Bahn station on Ruppiner Straße. But please do not forget to buy a ticket for your bike.


Heiligensee, a part of Berlin-Reinickendorf, is to your right. During the division of Germany, Heiligensee in West Berlin was situated directly at the Wall. The district was and is a popular residential area with many detached houses with gardens.

Rote Chaussee

Follow the Wall Trail under the E26 and then continue though the forest. To your right is Rote Chaussee which connects the Reinickendorf neighbourhoods of Heiligensee and Frohnau. After a few minutes of cycling, the path turns sharply to the left. Cycle along the edge of Frohnau.


The garden city of Frohnau is a very popular residential area in the north of Berlin. Turn right into Staehleweg - and then immediately left into the Invalidensiedlung.

Tour map


The Invalidensiedlung was established in 1938 for those who were disabled in the First World War. During the division of Germany, the settlement was situated directly at the Wall and was relatively isolated. Continue straight ahead until you reach a major crossing. There, turn right onto Berliner Straße.


Follow Berliner Straße for a few metres until you can turn left into Utestraße. Stay on Utestraße and turn left again after a few metres onto the Wall Trail. Continue straight until Glienicker Straße – and then turn right.


When Glienicker Straße turns to the left, turn right into the Wall Trail. To your right you will see the Hubertussee – the northernmost lake in Berlin. Circle the lake and turn into Jägerstieg.

Stolper Straße

Continue along the Wall Trail until you come to Spandauer Straße. At the next corner, turn right into Stolper Straße, and then immediately left onto Franz-Schubert-Straße.


At the next corner turn right into Staerkstraße, and then immediately left into Roedernstraße. Continue until you come to Leipziger Straße. Then turn right. Cross Oranienburger Chaussee and then cycle onto Edelhofdamm.

Zeltinger Platz

Continue straight ahead on Edelhofdamm until you come to Zeltinger Platz. Cycle around the square, keeping to the right, and turn right into Frohnauer Brücke. On the left you will see the S-Bahn station Frohnau. From there take the S1 S-Bahn towards Potsdam.


Alight at Potsdamer Platz – from there, take the RE4 towards Rathenow. Alight at Dallgow-Döberitz. Cycle on the main road to the left - and turn left into Seestraße. Stay on this road until you can turn right into Wilmsstraße.


Pass under the motorway bridge - and follow the road "Sperlingshof" until you reach house number 28: you have reached your destination.