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a cycling tour in the nature Getty Images, Foto: kzenon

Tour 26 - A Cycling Tour of Schönefeld

This bicycle tour starts at Am Seegraben 2, next to the InterCityHotel Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. Here take a right and then turn immediately right onto Waltersdorfer Chaussee. Ride the bridge over S-Bahn tracks and then take an immediate left onto Umgehungsstraße. Ride straight until you come to a T-intersection. Take a right onto Alt Schönefeld.


You are now riding past the old centre of Schönefeld village. Schönefeld, the village that gave its name to Schönefeld Airport, was first mentioned in writing in 1242. Follow the street as it curves to the right and cross Hans-Grade-Allee where the street will now be named Rudower Chaussee.

Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee

Take the second left. Don't go into the residential area straight ahead. Follow this unnamed road until you come to Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee, where you'll take a right. In less than 200 metres, you can take a left into the park and ride to the hill called Dörferblick.


The Dörferblick is literally named ("view of the villages") as you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding villages and the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. After you've enjoyed the view, ride back to Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee and take a right.


Ride through the countryside for the next 3 km; the street will change its name to Rudower Straße. Turn left at Dorfstraße. Ride on Dorfstraße for about 300 metres, cross over the rail tracks until you come to Waßmannsdorfer Allee. Take a right. Ride for another 500 metres until you come to Bundesstraße 96a. Cross the highway and continue on L75.

Insider Tip: Bar 45 über Null

Stay on L75 until you come to Bar 45 über Null. Here you can take a break from your ride with some refreshing drinks, tasty snacks and a fantastic view of the airport.

Tour map


Retrace your steps and ride back to the Bundesstraße B96a. Ride along the highway and past the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport with its terminals and runways.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) has been under construction since 2006. In May 2012, it was announced that the planned opening date would not be met. Then after a few more minutes, the B96a will be named Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee.

Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee

Stay on B96a as it becomes Mittelstraße and goes past the Schönefeld Flughafen S-Bahn station. In just a couple of blocks, the road will become Am Seegraben and you'll be back at your destination, no. 2. And you're now at the end of the tour.

With friendly support of the InterCityHotel Berlin-Brandenburg Airport