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Georg-Kolbe-Museum in Berlin
Garden at Georg-Kolbe-Museum visitBerlin, Foto: Jan Frontzek

Tour 16 - Bike Tour through Western Berlin

This bike tour starts at Hotel Brandies, Kaiserdamm 27. Cycle westwards in the direction of Theodor Heuss Platz. You'll have to pedal harder here as there's a bit of an uphill climb, but you can take comfort in knowing that you'll be coasting effortlessly all the way back down.


Theodor-Heuss-Platz (or "Theo" for short) takes its name from the first German President after World War II, Theodor Heuss, however it was laid out much earlier in 1904. At the front of the square is an eternal flame in memory of those forced to seek refuge after being expelled from their lands.


Travel right along Theodor Heuss Platz until you meet Reichsstraße, which is lined with lovely little shops. Follow this street until you reach Kastanienallee, then take a right, where you'll ride straight into the attractive residential area of Westend.


Branitzer Platz

Follow Kastanienallee until you get to Branitzer Platz, where you'll get a really beautiful view of the Westend villa colony. A number of villas still stand here, together with their original English-style gardens. From Branitzer Platz, turn onto Eichenallee, following this street all the way to Bolivaer Straße. Now take a left and cycle across Steubenplatz, which takes you back to Reichsstraße.

Insider Tip: Brandenburg Nature at Brixpark

If you fancy discovering an unusual kind of park, you should make sure you stop off at Brixpark. This park is modelled on the geology, flora and fauna of Brandenburg, with the intention of bringing Brandenburg's nature to the people of Berlin. Cross over Reichsstraße and continue straight on to Olympische Straße. In just a couple of pedal strokes you'll reach Olympischer Platz, the square in front of the Berlin Olympiastadion (Berlin Olympic Stadium).

Insider Tip: Detour to Waldfriedhof Heerstraße

Just on the left side of Olympische Straße on Trakehner Allee, you'll find Heerstraße Waldfriedhof (cemetery garden), inspired by English landscape gardening. The cool deep waters of the Sausuhlensee lake are a particularly picturesque sight.


The Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium) was built for the 1936 Olympic Games and was renovated for the 2006 Football World Cup. Today, the stadium is mainly used by Berlin's Hertha BSC football team. A bell tower can also be found in the Olympic Park, offering a panorama of the city and a historical path with 45 tables providing snippets of historical information. Cycle left onto Trakehner Allee, then take a left at Heilsberger Allee. Turn left again at Sensberger Allee, where you'll find the Kolbe Museum at Sensberger Allee 25.

Georg Kolbe Museum

The Georg Kolbe Museum is the former home and studio of sculptor Georg Kolbe. The house, studio building and wonderful museum garden are definitely worth a look, with George Kolbe's art collection and sculptures also on display. Continue straight along Sensberger Allee until you meet Heerstraße. Then take a left and follow Heerstraße until you reach Theodor-Heuss-Platz, where you'll see the Kaiserdamm on the opposite side. You've reached your final destination! Kindly supported by Hotel Brandies.