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Amateur photographer with his camera in Berlin
Amateur photographer © Getty Images, Foto: Westend61

Safe Light

The store that fans of analog photography have always dreamed of

Shoot the photo, advance the film, and finally develop everything by hand.Analog photography is handwork.The Safe Light is the right place for you if you want to enjoy photography thoughtfully.

Slow photography with a focus on the essential - this is how you could sum up the motto of Alessandro Iotti and Chris Morgan, the two founders of Safe Light.Instead of fast-moving snapshots for Instagram and the like, the focus here is on an attentive eye for the motif and the subsequent development process of the image.Fittingly, Safe Light in Prenzlauer Berg offers everything that makes the heart of analog fans beat faster.

Cameras, equipment and analog love

In addition to the right equipment in the form of analog cameras and the corresponding films, a darkroom for developing is of course a must. But that's really only the beginning of the offer. Because what makes Safe Light unique is its concept. Of course, you can get everything you need for analog photography here. But the store is much more important as a meeting place for the analog community. You can talk photography to your heart's content, get inspiration from other photographers and get magazines, accessories and input for your next photo project.

Photo store with showroom

As an entry point into the world of analog photography, we recommend the photo exhibition in the store rooms. There you will find changing exhibitions of analog artists and the staff is always open for questions and exchange on the subject of photography. It's best to bring some time with you, because slow photography can only be learned slowly.