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„Romeo & Julia - Love is everthing“ – the Musical

Now at the Theater des Westens Berlin!

Romeo & Julia im Stage Theater des Westens

With "Romeo & Juliet - Love is Everything", the greatest love story of all time comes live to the musical stage. A love story that has endured for more than four centuries without losing its appeal. This is due to the ingredients that everyone knows: love, passion, longing, deprivation and the willingness to go to extremes for the other person. But above all, love. Very great love.

Romeo & Juliet, the most famous lovers who were ever allowed to love each other on a theater stage and yet had to die, are still young when they meet. As teenagers made of flesh and blood - and lots of hormones! -you don't think about tomorrow and the consequences that today's actions could have. At that age, love is simply: EVERYTHING.

Musical Romeo und Julia im Theater des Westens
© CC Jomm

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The heartbreaking tragedy by William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) is no ordinary drama for Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer, the creative duo behind Berlin's smash-hit musical "Ku'damm 56". Not only because the first act in particular is always extremely funny. "Tragedy and comedy are so close together here, that's how it is in real life too. That's why we're so in love with this material," enthuses Plate. And Sommer adds: "Romeo & Juliet deals with the three existential themes that have accompanied and fascinated us in our songs for 30 years: Love, sex, death. We feel right at home in this piece!"

For "Romeo & Juliet - Love is Everything", the two have written many new powerful songs about the most powerful feeling in the world, based around the Rosenstolz classic "Liebe ist Alles". This song by Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer, Germany's most successful composer duo (Max Raabe, Annett Louisan, Sarah Connor, Ku'damm 56, Rosenstolz and many more) plays a special role in the new production: with the haunting lines "Hast du nur noch einen Tag/Nur eine Nacht dann/Lass es Liebe sein", it is predestined to be the title song and motto for the greatest love drama of all. What better way to summarize the story of Romeo & Juliet than with these three words? LOVE IS EVERYTHING.

For Peter Plate, the popular Shakespeare drama is made for the musical stage: "The story of Romeo & Juliet is simply larger than life. That's why our heart beats for this story! It's this indomitable, great feeling: you love each other so much that you would die for each other."

Romeo und Julia im Theater des Westens
© Joern Hartmann

And Ulf Leo Sommer adds: "When we immersed ourselves in the material, we were totally gripped by the story of falling in love for the first time - the memory of our own painful experiences. That rush of love, the feeling that you would give up your right arm so that you could see your loved one! That always sticks in your mind as 'the great love' - especially when it was tragic," recalls Sommer. "As you get older, you realize that life goes on, of course. But as a teenager, you don't know that."

Romeo und Julia_Amme Lady Capulet im Theater des Westens in Berlin
© Dominik Ernst

The special thing about the musical version of "Romeo & Juliet - Love is Everything" from the pen of Germany's most influential composer duo: it is sung by Plate & Sommer, but spoken by Shakespeare. This means that the beautiful, often comical, sometimes wicked dialog of Schlegel's translation has only been slightly edited. "These texts are so incredibly witty and wise," enthuses Sommer. "These are word fights that you can't even imagine today."

In their examination of the original Shakespeare dialogues, the Berlin composer duo have also detected nuances that others have apparently missed. For example, that Juliet is not the only one who has a crush on Romeo. "Mercutio is actually in love with his best friend. After Juliet appears in his friend's life, he keeps teasing her. He's totally jealous because he loves Romeo," says Plate.

Romeo und Julia als Musical im Theater des Westens
© Joern Hartmann

The love story of Romeo & Juliet is wrapped up in many new stunning songs that come in a genre mix rarely seen in musicals. In addition to modern pop music, arias by award-winning countertenor Nils Wanderer will also be heard. "This mixture of opposites works very well," says Plate, who, together with Sommer, has also been responsible for many extremely successful "Bibi and Tina" soundtracks over the years.

For all Shakespeare fans: his "Romeo & Juliet" will be staged in a contemporary way, based on the original script. The story is neither forcibly modernized nor fixed to one era. Fans can look forward to elaborate costumes and modern, breathtaking choreography. In the musical version of "Romeo & Juliet", it's not just hormones that dance.

Romeo & Juliet - Love is Everything" will be performed in Berlin's most beautiful theater - the Theater des Westens on Kantstraße, not far from Bahnhof Zoo.

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