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Null Prozent Späti

Germany's first alcohol-free Späti

Owners Isabella Steiner and Katja Kauf are experts in all things mindful drinking. Null Prozent Späti was their way of answering the question: what do I drink if I'm not drinking? They have created a place where anyone looking for an alternative to alcoholic drinks can find what they need.

Red wine, rosé, gin, vodka, cider, mixers, beer and more. The selection of products available at Null Prozent Späti reads like any other well-stocked shop. But there's one major difference: none of these drinks contain alcohol. So, whether you're looking for a great bottle of alcohol-free wine to bring to a dinner party or just a beer to enjoy on your walk, Null Prozent Späti has you covered. Open Wednesday to Saturday noon-8pm.