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noes Store
nōs store Berlin Schöneberg © visitBerlin, Foto: Maria Grade

nōs store

Sustainable household goods

Under the heading "Functional things for everyday life", the nōs store in Schöneberg brings together beautiful and useful items. Among other things, you can find high-quality tableware, selected books, sustainable grooming products, home accessories, children's toys and a few extraordinary items. Quality takes precedence over quantity here. The focus is on a more sustainable and slowed-down way of life. The company works with small family businesses and manufacturers and speaks out against mass production and consumption.

Anyone who pays a visit to the nōs store will notice how much love has gone into selecting every single item in the range. Whether you want to shop more sustainably for a functional object like a garlic press or are looking for an unusual souvenir like a piggy bank in the shape of a guinea pig, you will find it here.