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nachacht berlin

Stylish home accessories with a practical value: Nachacht make furniture after 8 pm

Furniture is made after 8 pm by the Berliners Mark Bergold, Julian Jaede and Martin Schmid.

Before 8 pm, they design cars as this is their actual profession. Since 2007, they have been getting creative and designing innovative furniture, lights and home accessories in their free time that they then manufacture in small batches. Often their products are not only stylish but also extremely practical as in the case of the typing desk, a desk with an integrated cable box that is perfect for people who often sit at home in front of their computer. The adjustable wardrobe is just as practical. It can be adapted by the user and looks good in the hallway as well. The designs can also be humorous - "MuVaKi" is a shelved wardrobe for mother, father and child with engraved lettering for each one that is perfect for hanging up and putting away personal items. "Nachacht" produce their designer items together with the Berlin VIA workshops for people with disabilities who also sell them in their online store. All of the products are characterised by clean, graphic forms and are flexible in design, colour and material. This allows the pieces to be combined individually and gives them a certain modular furniture character as each item is made of wood and coloured metal parts that can be freely combined.