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MS Moby Dick

Sailing across the Wannsee in the belly of the whale

Herman Melville's Moby Dick is alive! At Berlin's Wannsee. The excursion boat in the form of a silvery whale may look a bit dangerous with its wide-open mouth and gleaming white teeth, but really it just offers quite harmless cruises back and forth across the Havel and Wannsee. The MS Moby Dick sets sail from the Greenwich Promenade in Tegel, which is an inviting spot to stroll and enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

Excursion on the water

On the Oberhavel, the boat head south to the Hafenplatz (harbour) in Spandau, then on Nieder Neuendorf and the Hotel Dannenberg on the Alt Heiligensee and back to the Greenwich Promenade in Tegel. During the journey, you can climb on Moby Dick's back to get a better view, or you can be seated comfortably in the restaurant/café in his belly and watch through its wide-open mouth or the portholes. The whole trip takes about an hour. Not too long and not too short for small captains and sailors.