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Maßanzüge für das ganze Leben

No more ready-to-wear clothes - the made-to-measure suits by Monokel are addictive. The Berlin brand focuses on fashionable and sustainable menswear at a fair price.

Modern made-to-measure clothing with style

What could be worse than not feeling comfortable in your own skin? With Monokel, you can forget that feeling from now on. Because the brand sets itself the goal of giving you a second skin with high-quality made-to-measure clothing that is guaranteed to fit. In addition to classic menswear such as suits, shirts and coats, you will also find garments in the range that you don't immediately think of when you think of made-to-measure clothing. Because with jeans, chinos or casual jackets, Monokel also offers clothing suitable for leisure time. Clothes for every occasion at a fair price.

Clothes for a lifetime

By the way, the way to get your new garment is as individual as your new garment.Because before you can try on and buy, you first have to be measured.Monokel takes plenty of time for this and discusses your wishes and requirements over an espresso or whiskey. Only then are they measured and produced. Slow fashion in the best sense. And not only that: Monokel's claim is to deliver clothes that last a lifetime. Somehow logical, because what good is the best second skin if you can't wear it for the rest of your life?