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mianki. Gallery

Spatial illusions and extraordinary working materials

Founded in summer of 2008 in Berlin-Schöneberg, the gallery is established in a one hundred year old tradition place of artistic creation, and it is a district with a growing number of galleries. The artists represented by mianki. Gallery cannot easily be categorized and they are full of innovative energy that characterizes them! As a consequence, the gallery program is continuously moving ahead. And yet, what unites the different artists is their approach to space. Reaching out of the frame, drifting off the wall, drawing into the space.

Courting light, trapping it, throwing illusions into the showroom. The artists’ choice of special materials supports their staging of space. It allows for an unusual play with space through reflection. The artists are less interested in celebrating their extraordinary working materials. They take them for granted. But the use of materials such as glue, concrete, silk or porcelain enables the beholder to perceive the enclosed space or the object in sight in a unique way. The artists condense unusual materials on surfaces. In doing so, they often employ traditional techniques: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography. However, the techniques are applied in a contemporary fashion: drawing becomes three-dimensional; the glove seemingly thrown about is really a carefully wrought ceramic sculpture; the piece of cloth on which an object is painted, turns out to be itself a painting; the photo is more precisely a painting, though using light instead of paint. Illusion and reflection. The artists entice. Maybe because they combine traditional techniques with unusual materials. They guide the beholder’s view to the depths and the complexity of their work. In this process looking turns into feeling. The work becomes accessible through emotions.

Opening hours

Tuesday - Friday 14:00 – 18:00
Saturday 11:00 – 16:00