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Restaurant Merold
© Bildermanufaktur Ralph Keller


Good food is for everyone

Down-to-earth delicatessen is perhaps the best way to describe the Merold menu. Here, regional ingredients are combined in exciting new taste variations. The kitchen team works closely with regional farmers and urban gardeners according to the principle of from the vegetable patch directly to the plate. The menu is small but extremely fine and changes according to season and harvest. Chef and Tim Raue student Jonas Merold's passion for serving uncompromisingly regional and seasonal ingredients is joined by Paul Kaufmann, a specialist in fermentation.

This creates exciting nuances of flavour and thus a completely new dining experience. Tempeh is combined with blueberries and mushrooms, selllerie with spelt and coffee, kohlrabi with camomile and kombucha. It's experimental, delicious. The great culinary art comes at a relatively low price. Because, says Merlod, good food is for everyone!