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GDR-tower at Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial
GDR-tower at Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial © Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

Lichtenberg Cycling Tour

This bicycle tour starts at Genslerstraße 18. Turn left heading north until you reach the Hohenschönhausen Memorial on the right side in Genslerstraße 66.

Hohenschönhausen Memorial

The Hohenschönhausen Memorial is located in the former Central Remand Prison of the State Security (Stasi) of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Here, thousands of political prisoners were detained and tortured mentally and physically.


Continue along Gensler Straße until you can turn left into Bahnhofstraße. Cross Große-Leege-Straße and continue straight on until you reach Konrad-Wolf-Straße. Here, turn left and immediately right into Oberseestraße. Cycle along until you reach the Mies van der Rohe House in Oberseestraße 60.

Mies van der Rohe House

The Mies van der Rohe House is the last house that was built by the famous Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe before his emigration to the U.S. Today the building is an architectural monument and exhibition venue. Continue along Oberseestraße.


When you reach Auguststraße, turn right. Continue straight ahead until the road becomes Elsastraße. At the next corner, turn right into Suermondtstraße.

Am Faulen See

Stay on Suermondtstraße – after 600 metres turn left into the street "Am Faulen See". Continue straight ahead. On the left side you will see the Fauler See nature reserve.

Fauler See Nature Reserve

The approximately 24 acre nature reserve has existed since 1933. At the heart of the reserve is the Fauler See, surrounded by marsh areas, hiking trails and playgrounds. Carry on along the street "Am Faulen See" until you can turn right into Drossener Straße.

Malchower Weg

Cycle straight ahead until you come to Malchower Weg. Turn left there, cross the large crossing straight ahead and continue into Darßer Straße. Cycle on until you reach Riebnitzer Straße, then turn right. After 50 meters turn left into Malchower Auenpark.

Tour map

Malchower Auenpark

Malchower Auenpark is a 25 acre public park around the shores of the Malchower See. Of particular interest is the "Mont Balkon" - a 15 metre high climbing tower with six sides. Proceed through the park to Malchower Chaussee.

Malchower Chaussee

Turn right - after a few metres the road will become Dorfstraße. Continue along Dorfstraße for a few minutes until you reach Wartenberger Weg. From there, turn right and stay on this road for about 3 kilometres - it will become Ernst-Barlach-Straße and then Dorfstraße.

Village Green and Wartenberg Church

As you cycle along Dorfstraße, you will pass valuable cultural monuments such as the meadow, the churchyard and the churchyard wall. Also worth seeing is the new village church of Wartenberg. Turn left into the Falkenberger Luch recreation area.

Falkenberger Luch

Falkenberger Luch is a 27 acre nature reserve, which is home to a large variety of indigenous flora and fauna. Cycle 1.5 kilometres along the dirt road to the next crossing and turn left into Falkenberger Chaussee. Continue straight ahead until you reach the Falkenberger Dorfkate.

Falkenberger Dorfkate

The Falkenberger Dorfkate (Village Cottage) was built in 1820 as a house for estate workers. Today, Berlin's only loam house is a small restaurant and museum, where you can learn and refuel. Retrace your steps a bit and turn left into the Falkenberger Krugwiese recreation area.

Hohenschönhausener Straße

Cycle through the recreation area until you come to Hohenschönhauser Straße. Then turn right. After the crossing, the road becomes Gehrenseestraße. Stay on this road until you come to the main road crossing. Insider Tip: Hohenschönhausen Castle Cycle 200 metres into the main road, where the Hohenschönhausen Castle is located - a 300 year old manor house. Since 1998 it has been used as a convention and exhibition centre.


At the crossing, continue straight ahead into Rhinstraße until you reach Gärtnerstraße. Turn right, and after 100 metres turn left into Ferdinand-Schultze-Straße. Stay on this road. Turn right into Schleizer Straße and then left into Genslerstraße: you have reached your destination.