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A man on an e-scooter with smartphone
On the road with the smartphone © Getty Images, Foto: Westend 61


Elegant leather cases

You won't leave the house without your iPhone and iPad?Then Lapàporter is the place for you. You'll love the handmade bags for your phone, tablet and laptop.

Handmade cases for your favourite products

Sustainable, stylish and guaranteed individual thanks to handmade to order - the leather cases by Lapàporter are a real eye-catcher.And the elegant leather cases are also practical. With them, you can easily carry your smartphones s around town and always have them at hand.

These style-conscious carrying aids were born out of a real need. After searching in vain for a bag, Ilka, the founder of Lapàporter, simply decided to lend a hand herself. The result is puristic, stylish and perfectly fitting leather cases for the most important everyday utensil. The fact that her idea has now grown into her own brand with a shop on Brunnenstraße shows that her bags are well received.  

Individual bags with a sustainability guarantee

Speaking of a perfect fit: this doesn't just apply to the gadget you want to stow away in it. Because the practical carrier bags are individually made to order for you. On the one hand, this makes the bags sustainable, as they are only produced for actual needs and nothing disappears in the warehouse or is thrown away. On the other hand, Lapàporter can respond to your personal wishes and produce a bag exactly according to your ideas. Perfect for you and your mobile phone. And the bag fits in with the stylish Berlin life anyway.