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À la Cravate Tie Lab

From tie to tie

Honestly, there´s little to be said about ties. The tie, a notorious inhabitant of bureaus, hotel lobbies and faculty rooms, has a bad reputation. Actually, it has even less than that.

For half a century the tie remained the dominant element of bourgois dresscode. Growing criticism of that lifestyle led to its decline, as people took it off to show their emancipation and individual freedom. The tie was reduced to a role of necessary equipment for certain—often male-dominated—jobs and otherwise went out of use (except for clowns).

At the same time, the tie displays a variety of motifs and patterns strictly opposed to its reputable meaning, such as household, erotics or psychedelics.
It is about time to have a purely aesthetic and ideology-free view of the product itself. Even its enemies have to admit that it exists in infinite patterns, colors and varieties, and is made with fabrics of the highest quality.

That´s why we at Á la Cravate see them as a material for further usage, such as sewing bags, pants, skirts and so on. From our stock of thousands we manufacture clothes, bags and furniture. We research new uses for the tie, producing sauna ties out of towels, safety ties out of reflective vests, punk ties with rivets, sleeping ties made from jammies, all of which are handmade in the tielab. We specialize in special fx ties such as disco, retro and psycho ties.