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The area called “Kreuzkölln”, lying between Kreuzberg and Neukölln, is the new ‘in’ district in Berlin. One original café or shop after the other has opened up here, students and young people come from all over the world to live here, and this is where the latest trends start. The district lies in the north of Neukölln at the border of Kreuzberg, from Maybachufer along the Landwehrkanal (Landwehr Canal) and Kottbusser Damm. Here in Reuterstraße, Hobrechtsraße and Weserstraße with their unusual galleries and fashion stores is where you’ll find the current heart of Berlin’s art and sub-culture. This is where the raw Neukölln charm mixes with the new impulses in art and nightlife at an exciting new level. All the way up to Maybachufer, you’ll find cosy restaurants and cafés. In fact the long-established Ankerklause (Anchorage Retreat) pub on the bank of the Landwehrkanal has attained legendary status. This is where Quentin Tarantino is supposed to have celebrated during the shooting of his film “Inglorious Basterds”. And one final request: Being really loud at night is a NO-GO. After all, Berliners need to sleep, too, since most of them have to get up an go to work in the morning. Therefore, please keep it quiet after 10 pm out of respect for your neighbours. Thank you! See all nightlife Districts