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Kleine Experten (Small Experts)

Experiments for children 4 years and up

A child's hunger for knowledge is inexhaustible. What parent hasn't been overwhelmed with the many questions of "Why?" and have been hard put to come up with an explanation? That's what this discovery centre hopes to address. They offer guided experiments for children, both from age four and from age six, ages which learning psychology tells us are important for developing scientific and mathematical intelligence.

Various topics

Crèche groups and individuals can book 60- or 90-minutes courses. All of materials needed for the experiments are provided. Individual children or small groups of eight to ten children are given practical and theoretical guidance through different topics, such as air as a gas, acoustics or magnetism. These sessions also help to train children to become more aware of their environment and observe phenomena. On Sundays, a regular course in experimenting on different topics is offered 90-minute courses run €18 per child; 60-minute courses are €11.50.