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khroma new media art center
© @ahr.rikies | Erik Schröder

Khroma | New Media Art Center

At the intersection of art & technology

The Khroma | New Media Art Center makes digital art an interactive experience. On 1200 square metres, around a dozen different installations invite you to playfully engage with the interfaces of digital technology in the real environment. In the process, you become really active and influence your surroundings.

"Enter" and you become part of the cyber-organism.

As soon as you accept the invitation to "Enter", your body merges with the virtual installation. Oversized, the cyber-organism visualises every fibre of your physical self. Using high-frame-rate cameras and infrared motion detectors, a personalised data image is created, high-resolution in pixels and layers of sound, with which you can interact.

khroma new media art center
© @ahr.rikies | Erik Schröder

As a centre for digital art, Khroma aims to explore the possibilities of artistic expression through modern technology. This is done by experimenting with holography, data and code, kinetics, sound, light and space. Every single exhibit at the New Media Art Centre invites you to explore the intersections of reality and the digital in a completely new and different way. In many installations, you can influence the light and sound of the yourself. Through this interaction, the immersive art worlds are in a constant state of flux.

When high-tech and poetry merge

For the installation playground, you yourself create the space with which you ultimately interact. A constantly changing light spectacle is created around you that reacts to your every move in real time. You can discover around a dozen different digital artworks and spaces at Khroma on a total of 1200 square metres. A playground for possible collaborations of art and technology that each visitor is allowed to reinvent for themselves again and again. An interactive and poetic experience that is also suitable for children - and fun for all ages.

On the other hand, Khroma also invites us to think about how our world can, should and may be shaped by technology in the future.

You can see installations by these artists (selection):

  • Breakfast Studio, New York
  • Tundra, International
  • Ksawery Kompuery, Gdansk
  • Kling Klang Klong, Berlin
  • Mesplé, Los Angeles

Your visit

If possible please buy your tickets online before your visit, but you can also purchase them at the exhibition. Children under the age of six are admitted free of charge, but due to the intense light and sound effects, a visit is only recommended for children over the age of six. Those with light-sensitive epilepsy should also exercise caution.

And one more request: Even though visiting Khroma is fun, the New Media Art Centre is not designed as a playground. Filming and photography are permitted without flash. All rooms are accessible, but there is currently no accessible toilet.

You can reach the Khroma | New Media Art Center by taking the S3, S5, S7, S75 or S9 to Warschauer Straße.

More culture nearby

In the same building as the Khroma | New Media Art Center is the Lighthouse of Digital Art, which also focuses on the interaction of technology and art, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning. On the outside walls of the exhibition hall you can discover street art. There are many other cultural and event venues on the RAW site, such as the Cassiopeia Summer Garden, the Haubentaucher, the Kegel,climbing tower, a skate hall (barrier-free access and suitable for wheelchair users) and the House of Music.

khroma new media art center
© @ahr.rikies | Erik Schröder

Opening hours (additional information)


  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 2pm-9 pm
  • Friday 2pm - 10pm
  • Saturday 12am - 10pm
  • Sunday 12am - 9pm