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Jarmuschek + Partner

Former industrial complex as exhibition hall

What started out in the year 2000 as an exhibition project instigated by art historians at Sophienstrasse 18 in Berlin-Mitte rapidly developed into a gallery with a comprehensive program that covers all genres set out by Kristian Jarmuschek and Stefan Trinks. The galleries artists deal with the complex link between reality and its medial disseminations as well as the consequences that this fusion of reality and its reproductions have on the creation of images. Complex positions such as these require assiduous placement work by the gallery. Jarmuschek + Partner's extensive range of contacts and networks create widespread awareness for the work of their artists and make sure that their work is properly disseminated in the market. When the gallery founded Preview Berlin Art Fair along with five other Berlin galleries, they created a platform that is dedicated to raising awareness of emerging art and is now considered an important supplement to the established Art Forum. The gallery's presence in the international scene is fairly recent and includes participation in the Year_06 Art Project in London and the promising Swab Art Fair in Barcelona in 2008 as well as the VOLTA show in New York in 2009.

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