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Intershop 2000

Show Window of the East

Located nearby the famous East-Side-Gallery and the Oberbaum Bridge at the sceneric district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, is another absolute „must go“ for all Berlin tourists, the „Show Window of the East“, a nostalgic permanent exhibition of productions during 40 years DDR (German Democratic Republic).

A large part of the exhibition is named „The Story of Travelling and Dining with Mitropa, from VEB ( People Owned Production Unit) to GmbH (Limited Liability Company)“. From the Exhibition, surplus objects can be purchased, for example the legendary Mitropa table ware, which meanwhile has become a cultic status. The exhibition is located at the former Narva- Incandescent Lamp Area. Coincidently , the Intershop2000 also is a sales shop to purchase or to trade surplus objects or collection items. In addition to that, a wide range of poster art from the DDR (GDR) and throughout the time of change, can be bought.

Furthermore, a small retail unit is included, which sells goods from the DDR (GDR) that outlived even the time of change, and are being produced till today. The shop also offers uncountable informations plus literature, concerning politics, theater, film, and fine arts of 40 years. The contents of many books present exact documentations about the every day culture of the DDR (GDR). The owner of both the exhibition and sales shop is Elke Matz , who has an inexhaustible repertoire of stories and anecdotes to tell about the DDR (GDR), which makes a visit to the exhibition an unprecedented experience. Elke Matz has immediately after the so called „falling of the wall“ collected all items with lots of dedication, and also personal engagement, for the pleasure of many collectors and interested visitors. A visit at Intershop2000 will definitely become a highlight and positive remembrance for every Berlin tourist.

Opening hours (additional information)
Öffnungszeiten Opening Times
Mi., Do, Fr. 14.00 - 18.00 Uhr  
Sa. + So. 12.00 - 18.00 Uhr