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Fuits and vegetables on a Berlin market
Fuits and vegetables © (c) visumate

Havelland Country and Farmers' Market in Berlin Spandau

Fruit, vegetables, herbs and baked goods fresh from the region

During a walk through Spandau's old town, you will not only get to know a special neighbourhood, but discover everything that the epicurean heart desires at the Havelländische Land- und Bauernmarkt. After shopping, bratwurst and crepes stands tempt you.

"Landgeschmack" is the name of a stall in the middle of the Havelländischen Land- und Bauernmarkt: The farm from Prignitz has been offering its products since 1953 and since last year has enriched the market offer in the old town of Spandau with meat products from Angus cattle to country pork and sheep. All from their own breeding in Brandenburg! In addition, there are sausages made on a Polish farm.
Just one example of the many products on offer at this special weekly market in Spandau, which offers juicy fruit, vegetables straight from the field and delicious baked goods every working day of the week except Wednesday.

By the way: sustainability is also a special topic at the Havelländische Land- und Bauernmarkt. Together with the KlimaWerkstatt Spandau, "Fruit, vegetables, flowers - everything without bags" is promoted.