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Galerie Deschler in der Auguststr. in Berlin
Galerie Deschler in der Auguststr. in Berlin © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Galerie Deschler

Innovative explorations of artistic traditions

Marcus Deschler founded his gallery in Berlin’s central Auguststrasse in 1995.

One focus of the gallery with its more than 250 square meters of exhibition space is on technically innovative explorations of artistic traditions: Holger Bär works on the automization of oil painting using machines designed by himself. Jay Mark Johnson’s photographs employ a specially modified camera to capture sequences of movement. Tony Conway combines techniques of photography, painting and drawing in his wall objects built of layered sheets of plexiglass. Patricia Waller subverts established conventions of perception through her unusual juxtaposition of material and subject matter in her astonishing crocheted objects. A further focus of the gallery program is on figurative sculpture, as in the works of KEHL, Deborah Sengl, Hans van Meeuwen, and Yukiko Terada.

Opening hours (additional information)
Di. - Sa. 11-18