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Freiluftbühne Waldbühne

Berlin-style Greek amphitheatre

On warm summer nights, Berliners flock to Westend - with or without a picnic basket - to Charlottenburg’s ‘Waldbühne’, close to the Olympia Stadium. The popular open-air venue was created with ancient Greek amphitheatres in mind, and offers an excellent view of the stage and fantastic sound from all of the around 22,000 seats in ascending rows. The venue was built as part of the constructions carried out for the 1936 Olympic Games, and was initially used as an open-air cinema after World War II (and a venue for the Berlin Film Festival) as well as for rock concerts – after the 1960ies, however, it fell into disrepair. Only in the early 1980ies, the venue was rediscovered and its current tent constructions were erected over the stage. The Waldbühne is now once again a regularly used city venue. The event series ‘Cinema at the Waldbühne’ with its annual showings of the cult classics ‘The Blues Brothers’ and ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ enjoyed much popularity with Berliners until the event was cancelled a few years ago. Today, the open-air venue hosts mostly concerts - Bruce Springsteen, Depeche Mode, Die Ärzte and Eric Clapton are just some of the big names, who have played here, and some of them more than once! The annual season highlight in June is the concert with Berlin’s philharmonic orchestra, which is usually sold out months in advance. It is the orchestra’s tradition to end their season here, under starry skies, finishing their presentation each year with "Berliner Luft" from Paul Lincke’s operetta "Frau Luna".

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