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2020 Berlin celebrates an event of the century

In 1920 the modern Berlin was created at a stroke:

The Prussian Landtag passes a new law that unites 8 cities, 59 rural communities and 27 estates to form "Greater Berlin". Virtually overnight, the city grows from 66 km2 to 878 km2 and becomes the third largest metropolis in the world after New York and London.
The newly founded "Greater Berlin" has given shape to today's Berlin. And the pressing issues of the new metropolis - living, working, traffic and recreational areas - are as topical today as they were then.

All the more reason, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Greater Berlin, not only to shed light on the exciting history of the city, but also to discuss the current situation and to develop visions for future urban development, building on the historical event.

Two special exhibitions on this topic will be particularly inspiring in the heart of Berlin in 2020:

At the Märkisches Museum, Chaos & Aufbruch - Berlin 1920/2020 from 26 August 2020 will focus on the historical and current reality of life for Berliners from April onwards. Linked to this, individual exhibitions of the twelve district museums will use local close-ups to illustrate the great diversity of Berlin.
The large exhibition Unvollendete Metropole. 100 Years of Urban Development for (Greater) Berlin from 1 October 2020 in the Kronprinzenpalais will illuminate the urban development of the metropolis. Based on a preceding international urban planning competition, very concrete design proposals for the future Berlin are presented. Particularly exciting is the view of the development of four other major European cities: Moscow, Vienna, Paris and London.

Find more information about the anniversay at the official website of Berlin.