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A musical journey through jazz, folk, world music, pop in search of intensity and freedom. Songs composed together, as well as versions of their own compositions performed together, timeless songs and stories of two personalities between melancholy and joy of life. Zelia Fonseca and Magdalena Matthey are two of the most important and beautiful voices in Latin American music! Zig Zag Jazz Club is happy to welcome these two exceptional artists.


Zelia Fonseca is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from southeastern Brazil, living in Europe since 1989, where she came to Germany from Portugal via Finland. She became internationally known through the duo "Rosanna & Zelia", recorded 5 CDs with her own compositions, toured throughout Europe, Canada and Asia and was on stage with Compay Segundo, John Mclaughlin, George Benson, Joe Zawinul, Maria Joao, Katharina Franck and many others. Her first solo album "Impar", highly acclaimed by the press, was released in 2010/2011, presenting her unique melodic-rhythmic as well as poetic sound. Without fear of contact, the playfulness of her magical sound worlds led her to the most diverse, successful projects from jazz, world to recordings with Shantel (Considerando) or the Irish house/techno DJ Ian Pooley (Coracao Tambor). She was also heard in the world of Pina Bausch. The latter used a piece interpreted by Rosanna & Zelia (Lady Multimelancólica) for her ballet "Agua", which was performed from 2001-2010. Zelia writes texts for plays, poems for the anthology "Antologia poética" published by Regina Mello in 2011 and was quoted by the Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa in his book " Fronteiras perdidas". Her compositions will be performed by Julia Hülsmann and Dota Kehr, among others.

Magdalena Matthey, singer-songwriter from Santiago de Chile, one of the most important voices of her genre for 25 years, was influenced from an early age by the original songs, stories and legends of her country. She combines the folklore of Chilean reality with all the sound colors of Latin America. The themes of her songs show her love for humanity, nostalgia and sensitivity to social issues that are reflected in her eight albums and the documentary film "My Mother Tells Me" (2015). Magdalena has twice received the Silver Seagull in the Popular Genre of the Festival of Viña del Mar (1995 and 2003) and the Altazor Prize for her production "Tomorrow is another day" (2005). Her album "Lo más cerca posible" was awarded Best Album of the Year in Chile in November 2017. She travels with her music throughout South America and Europe, sharing the stage with personalities such as Pedro Aznar (Pat Metheny), Alejandro Filio and Chico César.

Brazilian Márcio Tubino lives in Munich, where he is one of the most sought-after jazz musicians. As a saxophonist, flutist, percussionist and also as a composer and arranger, the Brazilian has worked with important musicians of the European jazz scene. With artists such as Dusko Goykowitch, Egberto Gismonti, Joe Zawinul ,Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Paulo Cardoso, Alegre Corrêa, Jenny Evans, Peter Schneider and The Stimulators and with many others, Márcio Tubino has toured throughout Europe, Asia, South America and USA.

Angela Frontera is a typical example of the cultural mix that characterizes Brazil. Daughter of an Italian immigrant and a Mineira of Indian and African origin, she grew up in the third largest city in the world. And her music reflects that. While still a teenager, Angela began a professional career and without wasting much time, she played at a high level with the likes of Cauby Peixoto in the big clubs of São Paulo. In 1993, Angela moved to Germany and since then she has become an irreplaceable figure in the Brazilian music, Latin and soul scene. She has worked with Nina Hagen, Grace Jones, Airto Moreira, Rosanna & Zélia, Edo Zanki, Six was Nine, Lou Bega and Ivan Santos.

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