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After the CD release event in July had to be cancelled, we are now celebrating the release of the record by Yuliesky Gonzalez's Latin jazz band KUBALÉ at the Maschinenhaus of the Kulturbrauerei.

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The quartet (plus 1-2 guests) of the Latin jazz band "Kubalé" is a rare musical treat in Berlin. Cuban bandleader and trumpeter Yuliesky González has been living in Europe since 2010 and is a fixture at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, for example.

With his in-depth knowledge of both the history of Cuban jazz and traditional Cuban music, the influences of European classical music and vibrant African rhythms, Yuliesky Gonzalez has the ability to fluently write a modern Cuban music , as well as Cuban jazz with an elegance and variation that makes the listener hold their breath in delight.

The result is a passionate and interesting repertoire ... sometimes powerful, dynamic and full of energy ... but also quiet and intense ... There are impressive compositions with interesting influences of the musicians from all over the world to enjoy.

Innovative, modern jazz with strong Afro-Cuban influences. Elegant, fresh and rousing.

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