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Young people have taken photographs of the traces of the once divided Berlin and in the exhibition show their perspective on the topic of borders and history in public space.

For the sixth time, the Friedrichshain photo gallery is presenting photographs of young people in cooperation with youth organizations and schools. This year the focus is on the Kulturring project "Spurenwandler" in the federal funding program for young people remembered.

The exhibition consists of jointly selected photographs from the following groups and workshops:

  • School classes from all over Germany who played action-bound tours of the Spurnwandler project
  • Drop In e. V. - Trace Converter photo workshops with young people from the German course and photographer Bahar Kaygusuz
  • Kurt-Schwitters-School: Trace converter photo workshop around the Bernauer Straße memorial, with Laura Klahn and Felix Hawran
  • Koenigs Wusterhausen State Comprehensive School with Kurt Schwitters School: “Speak to me” encounter project, sponsored by cultural agents. Adapted by Celine Pilch, Gabriela Vasquez Pacheco and Michaela Lindovsky
  • Dathe-Gymnasium Friedrichshain: analogue photo workshops with Celine Pilch
  • Youth culture center PUMPE with works on the subject of "courage"
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