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XENOFOX's music has an organic wildness that grows so unbridled that it's a pleasure to simply savor a note, sound or beat for what they are: unadulterated building blocks of composition. Olaf Rupp and Rudi Fischerlehner's collaboration as XENOFOX began in 2014. In addition to years of live performances in clubs and at festivals, they released their latest studio album entitled "The Garden Was Empty" on Audiosemantics in early 2023.

  • Olaf Rupp – guitar &
  • Rudi Fischerlehner – drums
"... one of the best duos that the combination of these two instruments currently has to offer when it comes to improvised music." Freejazzblog

"The duo Xenofox delivers ... a hypnotic and bass-heavy mix of hi-hat expressionism and unrestricted rock." TAZ