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X-Berg Kiz Meslek Korosu, a girls' choir from Kreuzberg, consists of ten members who identify as queers, Flinta*s and Allies. The choir was founded about five years ago and is led by Emrah Gökmen, a queer artist and multi-instrumentalist. Under his direction, traditional Turkish, Kurdish and interfolk folk and pop songs are reinterpreted and covered.

The choir is actively involved in the fight against fascism and colonialism from a queer feminist and Ally perspective. On stage, the choir expresses spirituality, love, closeness to nature and community and sees itself as a counterforce to capitalism, racism, patriarchy as well as to hierarchies and classism in the commercial music market.

DJ Lesch presents groovy and rousing pieces of music from Turkey, from insider tips to top hits. His music selection ranges from pop to electro-pop to rap and hip-hop songs and aims to unite people together on the dance floor. DJ Lesch sees and plays music primarily as a means of community building.

Concert by X-Berg Kiz Meslek Korosu followed by a party with DJ Lesch.

As part of the Proud Haram festival

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