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Neuköllner Oper as a guest at the Museum for Communication

On two evenings in September, the Neuköllner Oper is a guest at the Museum for Communication Berlin with the WUNDERKAMMER.

Time: perhaps the greatest of all challenges. Does finiteness make people what they are? How do people live in and with it, use it, fill it up or waste it? Music is one of the most beautiful ways to experience the nature of time - and to shape it yourself.

In the Museum for Communication, the Neuköllner Oper stages experiences and encounters with time and music.

The scientist and philosopher Norman Sieroka, the psychologist and dancer Miriam Ruess, the soprano Josefine Göhmann and the musicians Nico Meinhold and Hilary Jeffery devote themselves to objective and subjective time and try out ways of experiencing time differently and shaping it for us. With original compositions and music by Purcell, Handel, Richard Strauss and Ligeti.
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Price: €15.00