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Woozle Goozle leads you through an exciting and educational but above all funny and sometimes chaotic journey through time. Woozle meets the girl Leonie during the rehearsals for the finale of the big children's inventor competition. She is terribly sad because her invention, with which she wanted to compete, has just been irreparably destroyed. She would love to travel back in time to prevent this from happening. Fortunately, Woozle has just invented and completed a space-time machine. Now they want to travel back in time for just five minutes. However, the time machine doesn't work as planned and they travel much, much further into the past.

KEY VISUAL Woozle Goozle - Das Woozical live
KEY VISUAL Woozle Goozle - Das Woozical live Theater Lichtermeer

To make matters worse, the machine breaks down. But Woozle wouldn't be Woozle if he gave up and so they travel through different eras where exciting adventures await them.

Will Woozle and Leonie make it back to the present and can Woozle help the girl solve her problem after all?

A funny and exciting adventure with witty characters, a playful production and a clever stage design. Of course, there are also lots of great songs that Woozle and his companions perform.

The musical lasts approx. 90min. plus intermission. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Dates: December 2022: 29|30, starting at 11am each day.

(Program in German)

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