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More than 100 years of Berlin humor, which was characterized above all by the political joke and the ups and downs of this city, and songs that reflect the vitality of the Berliners in the various decades, are the ingredients of this humorous-musical time journey.

Wolfgang Bahro: "Berliner Zeitensprünge"
Wolfgang Bahro: "Berliner Zeitensprünge" Wolfgang Bahro

The actor Wolfgang Bahro, known from the RTL series "Good Times - Bad Times", brings the most famous cabaret artists, politicians and entertainers from over 100 years of Berlin's history alive with lots of charm and wit. He is supported by the charming singer Barbara Felsenstein, who interprets the musical declarations of love from the chanson to the pop song with this feeling and expressive power. The two are accompanied by the pianist and film composer Marian Lux, who not only proves on the piano that he has a lot of humor. An entertaining evening, which turns the Berlin story into an entertaining show.

(Program in German)

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Schlosspark Theater