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In their new program Wildes Holz combine high flights with depth and power with finesse. It's not far from classical high culture to the lowlands of pop music: minuet and Madonna are separated by just one string jump and a recorder can easily replace both an electric guitar and a rock tube. The own compositions sound mysterious and ambiguous, they can be wild and at the same time tender.

Harald Hoffmann
Harald Hoffmann © Harald Hoffmann

Wild woods have gone through a deep valley when their guitarist and friend Anto Karaula died suddenly in mid-2018. Djamel Laroussi, who came from Algeria, will now take over the guitar part from him. Anto and Markus met him already in the mid 90s. He made them completely perplexed, because as a left-hander he simply played an upside-down right-handed guitar. You couldn't recognize any grip, everything sounded a bit different and everything sounded incredibly cool! Over the years he became a good friend - and by the way a worldwide known guitarist. For Wildes Holz he is a stroke of luck, because besides his unusual but excellent technique he also brings a good portion of joy in playing, which inspires Tobias and Markus to new musical heights.

The program "Ups and Downs" thus becomes a rousing mix of new songs and wood-typical sound, enriched by Djamel's influences from Maghrebian and African music. And of course there are also custom-made recorder versions of well-known rock and pop hits to listen to. But Wild Wood will also continue to take care of the classical music. Because heavy music sounds best on light instruments. And a C recorder weighs 95 grams.

The band Wildes Holz exists since 1998 and shows that a recorder is basically a rock instrument whose danger for minors should not be underestimated. They have made a name for themselves with powerful acoustic music, closeness to the audience and spontaneous comedy. In the meantime 10 CDs of Wildes Holz have been released.

  • Tobias Reisige - recorder
  • Markus Conrads - double bass
  • Djamel Laroussi - guitar

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